The Fauxharmonic Orchestra

The Fauxharmonic Orchestra


The Fauxharmonic Orchestra is a digital orchestra. That means that instead of seeing an orchestra on stage, the audience hears orchestral music and sees it sculpted in real time by a conductor and musicians who use wireless Wii controllers. (Video at:


"genuinely impressive" is what the New York Times called The Fauxharmonic Orchestra's recent concert in Brooklyn. We are a unique melding of music technology, Wii gaming gear, the world's largest and best digital orchestral library with top-of-the-line orchestral conducting training from Leonard Bernstein to the famed Curtis Institute. TFO brings fresh and stunning performances of new and classical orchestral music to places where large acoustic orchestras fear to tread.


Beethoven, Symphony No. 1,
Beethoven, Symphony No. 7,
New Orchestra Music Contest Winners 2006-2008

Set List

A Rousing Overture (Beethoven, Mozart, Bernstein, Glinka, Sousa) - 5:00

Accompanying a Soloist (violin, voice, saxophone, percussion) - usually a flashy or moving concerto - 10:00

A newly-composed piece for orchestra - 10:00
Music from video games - 10:00
A classical mainstay (Beethoven, Tchaikovsky symphony, for example) - 15:00