Faux Pas

Faux Pas

 St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Faux Pas is a vivacious 7-piece collective of folk rock, shoegaze, indie inspired, diverse musicians who embrace creativity, perform with passion, and pursue music "without any instrumental, stylistic, or social limitations.


Faux Pas began as a small assortment of friends with the intention of sharing and learning music simply for fun. The original members began playing covers at various open-mics in the summer of 2010 as they learned to mesh musical ideas and play together. Pursuing different musical interests, drummer Joey Willey left the band in late summer. Guitarist Ben Conover, preparing for college at Boston University, asked Berklee-bound Alex Judd and Dan Ilges to join up as the new drummer and guitarist. The current band, consisting of Ashley Byrne (vocals), Alex Judd (guitar), Nick Johnson (bass/keyboard), Amy Lickenbrock (violin), Luke Bindbeutel (saxophone), Dan Ilges (drums), and Ben Conover (managing from BU) was born. Since the rebirth of Faux Pas, they have been writing, recording and playing shows. Coupled with a diverse range influences, varying from Edward Sharpe to Dispatch, Faux Pas attempts to create and write without investment to any particular style. With a wide range of instrumental possibility and skill, Faux Pas attempts to justify each and every song and create music that is pleasing, unique, and different; music that is faux pas.


Faux Pas - S/T (February 2011)
Faux Pas - (untitled) (Fall 2011)

You can find the majority of our songs at fauxpas1.bandcamp.com and coming soon on Pandora.