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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Mic Nonsense"

man i dont know when where or how but yall fools owe me a track! I need yall on something... idk, what it is but I need yall on that ASAP lol! I told Cy, I was gonna get w/ yall ever since we 1st met at Herbs. I aint been doin nothing bcuz i need motivation 4real but yall kno my lyrics are sick (yes, I'm braggin) as an E.R unit and yall voices bring tears to my eyes! Lets get it!!!! Thats all i gotta say word up...

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FAVOR....no doubt....you both are super favored....cant wait till we drop "your love" on the world...hollachaboy - myspace

"Checking in"

YO YO FRED! GOSH! TRACKS IS SOUNDIN GOOD YO. I LIKE "CALL YOUR NAME". Listen,I'm going to try to make it out on Saturday and Sunday. Can you give me more information about the May 5&6th concerts - myspace.com


Hey, my brothas in the Lord! Thanks a lot for the add. Your music sounds good and I pray that God blesses your music ministry and that you continue to use your gifts for His awesome glory...God bless!

- myspace


ayo man yall's joints are FIRE!!!! keep lifting up Jesus
- myspace


Still working on that hot first release.



Favor, an urban contemporary gospel group willing to deliver the word through ministry of music came into existence by way of a vision shared between Keith Johnson and Frederick Reed. They met and befriended one another one Sunday in the winter of 2000, as of their respective churches coming together for a fellowship service. Over the next several months, as they communicated over the phone, both men discovered they both shared the same calling over their lives. They also had mutual desires and goals. They envisioned being able to deliver the gospel to masses of people by way of music. From this commonality, Frederick and Keith decided to form a contemporary gospel group Favor a name chosen for them by their wives. Over the years Favor has gone through many, many trials and changes. Some were sent by God in order to restructure and strengthen Favor into what he (GOD) desired it to be.
Favors ministry has taken them from coast to coast. Some of the most prominent events they have been privileged to partake in were the Bobby Jones Artist Retreat in Las Vegas, NV and The Olympic of the Arts in Burbank, CA. Although they have gospel artist that they have learned from such as John P. Kee, Take 6, Fred Hammond and a few others, they believe that they have their own unique sound and style. Because of their enthusiasm to fulfill the calling that GOD placed over their lives, Favor began to work on their first album. After many closed doors, Favor was blessed by God to build their own studio. In the year 2003 Favor completed their production studio in the basement of Fredericks home. F O T L (Favor Of The Lord) Production is what they decided to go by for their studio. Favor received much criticism and laughter while producing their album, but they both had a vision and unwavering faith and belief in what GOD called them to be.
Doing everything on their own, writing lyrics, tracks, lead & background vocals took a lot of hard work and restless nights, nevertheless, there first album titled I Could Never Repay You, was released on September 17th of 2004. Favor has triumphed over many battles and while waiting for GOD to open the door that will lead them to victory, they continued to work on their next album, titled “Your Love” to be released in April of 2007. Their urban style and soulful voices has been anointed by God to touch the hearts, souls, and minds of the people. Whether by occurrence or prophesy they know that this is ordained to be. One of Favors main goals is to reach the lost, but their focus is to please GOD!