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Plagued by hard times, ridiculed of their vision, but most of all their continued perseverance, Keith Johnson and Frederick Reed, better known as the duo ‘Favor’ released their second album ‘YOUR LOVE’ in Summer 2007. A fully self sufficient (all be it with Gods help) partnership, the two control full production at their home studio; FOTL (Favour of The Lord), writing lyrics, tracks and performing all vocals, Johnson and Reeds early paralleled vision was the glue for this accomplished bond.
This album has been on my shows play list since Autumn last year; to say it was introduced to me by one of my secular DJs will perhaps give you an indication of the ‘flavour or Favor’
Pretty much on rotation for secular sets on the radio, What Do You Want is perhaps my soulful favourite (if I REALLY REALLY had to choose, ok and Holiness Without). Vocal arrangements reminiscent of those of the very early ‘Blackstreet’ (yes remember them?) even down to the TALKBOX. I hear you scratch your head, perhaps you would remember the heavily synthesised vocals of Teddy Riley (Guy, yes and Blackstreet) or indeed the early pioneer, Roger Troutman in Zapp, TALKBOX!

Most of ‘YOUR LOVE’ is soft soul with syncopated nuances, most welcomed by my music taste, what comes through is Favor’s passion for music, most of all the love for God, and their endeavour to promote it. ‘More Like You’ is a beautiful track, laced with endearing words. I personally think I understand the duo through this pace in their repertoire. Not dissimilar, ‘Take Me Away’ is yet another delight, abounding with scripture reference, yet again strives for Gods love and desire for it. Great production with depth, delivers the mid 80’s soul, with late 90’s bass line sound all fused for a 2000 ear, bravo!!

I love the song ‘Don’t Wanna Be Rich’, I like the words and the motion of the track. Opening with prayer and affirmation to God, explaining the reasons why they (Favor) sing. I guess it’s fair to say, I’m a sucker for heart rendering ballades, it true! A very honest account of humility and venturing into The Kingdom; “I don’t wanna be rich, if that means turning my back on you….id give it all up for you…. don’t need no mansion on a hill, as long as I know who You are, I don’t have to be a star.” Amen!

I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t account for the faster tracks; it’s just that the flow of this album is much more relaxed. However ‘Why’ is a valiant effort at an upfront pace with good production, perhaps an enhanced display of their vocal range and rap found in this track.
A 17 track offering, to be honest I am hard pushed to press ‘skip’ whilst playing this album. Its rounded to conclusion with a great track, ‘Prodigal Son’ what more can I say, this album is a must for any gospel lover or music connoisseur alike, an appreciation of Gods love, grace and blessings, truly a respected ‘soul’ album. I leave it in that genre, no need to play with sub categories, its worthy of that honour, and of course a purchase! - DJ Yours Truly (uk gospel )


I Could Never Repay U
Your Love



Favor, an Urban Contemporary Gospel Duo Group willing to deliver the word through ministry of music, came into existence by way of a vision shared between Keith Johnson and Frederick Reed. Frederick and Keith met and befriended one another one Sunday in the winter of 2000, as a result of their respective churches coming together for a fellowship service. For several months, as they communicated over the phone, both discovered they shared the same calling over their lives. They had mutual desires and goals. Keith and Fredrick envisioned being able to deliver the Gospel of Jesus Christ to masses of people by way of music. From this commonality, the contemporary urban duo group Favor (a name chosen by their wives) came into existence.

Over the next few years Favor would go through many trials and changes. Some were sent by GOD in order to restructure and strengthen them into what he (GOD) desired it to be. Because of their enthusiasm to fulfill their calling, Favor began to work on their first album. After many closed doors, Favor was blessed to build their own home studio in the year 2003, F O T L Production (Favor Of The Lord). Favor received much criticism and laughter while producing their album.

A fully self sufficient (all be it with GODs help) partnership, the two controls full production, writing lyrics, tracks and performing, their first album titled I Could Never Repay You, was released September of 2004. Favors ministry has taken them from coast to coast. Some of the most prominent events they have been privileged to partake in were, The Bobby Jones Artist Retreat in Las Vegas, NV, the Olympic Of The Arts in Burbank, CA and The Gospel Heritage New Artist Showcase in College Park, GA just to name a few.

Favor believes that this is truly the will of GOD, and while they wait for GOD to open the door that will lead them into victory, they continue to work.
Plagued by hard times, ridiculed of their vision, but most of all their continued perseverance, Keith Johnson and Frederick Reed (“FAVOR”) released their second album ‘Your Love’ in the Summer of 2007. Johnsons and Reeds early paralleled vision was the glue for this accomplished bond.

Favor believes they are artist that have been blessed to have a unique message and excellent artistry. Their chief aim is to know GOD and make him known through songs that are spiritually significant, artistically excellent and culturally relevant.

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.