Favored Sons

Favored Sons

 Tallahassee, Florida, USA

We are a rock/pop alternative band from Tallahassee, FL. We write songs straight from the heart that will stick in your head, and perform with a passion that is unmatched. Couple that with a relentless work ethic and professional attitude, Favored Sons demand to be a force in the industry.


In a music industry that is constantly shifting gears, sometimes it takes a little more than just a few good songs to succeed. While Favored Sons clearly have that part down, the Tallahassee boys have something they pride themselves on even more: Relentless work ethic. Since their inception in 2008, Favored Sons have quickly risen to headliner status among the ever bustling music scene of Tallahassee, FL, all on their own terms. "Since day one, we have always written our own songs, and recorded our own music" says Mitch Patti (lead vocals/guitar). "Yeah we could have paid a studio a few thousand dollars to Pro-tool our music to death, but we've always chose the DIY path. We believe so much in what we do, we want to make sure what we deliver is 100 percent honest and real."

And honest their music is. The 2011 7-song EP "Never The Whole Story" displays the quartets unique style of rock and roll. While there is no shortage of creative guitar work and superb musicianship, the song always comes first. With their heartfelt lyrics and catchy melodies, Favored Sons aim to make their mark on the national stage in the coming year. The band spent nearly a year writing and recording the EP, during the process lead vocalist Mitch Patti and lead guitarist Luke Stavenau were really able to step out as recording engineers and producers. "We really strove for something special with the new EP. Experimenting with different sounds and techniques, doing takes over and over, sometimes entire songs were redone. Our goal was to give the listener something they had never heard before, and then have their jaw drop when they found out we did it in our home studio" -Mitch Patti

Along with the new EP "Never The Whole Story", Favored Sons have two previous self released albums under their belt. The 2009 debut "So Late" (out of print), and the 2010 acoustic based album "Til We Disappear" (limited supply).


So Late 2009 Debut (out of print)
Til We Disappear 2010 Acoustic EP
Never The Whole Story 2011

Set List

Original Songs:
With Strangers
Make Your Move
Further Away
Gone Too Far
Never The Whole Story
Buried In the Sand

Cover tunes:
Everlong-Foo Fighters
Call Me-Blondie
Break On Through-The Doors
All the Small Things-Blink 182
Rock Show- Blink 182
The Way-Fastball
My Own Worst Enemy-Lit
Short Skirt Long Jacket- Cake
Bye Bye Bye-N'Synce
My Body-Young the Giant
Animal-Neon Trees
Little Sister-Queens ot the Stone Age
Your Love-The Outfield
Lets Get Retarded-Black Eyed Peas
When I Come Around-Green Day
Do Right-Jimmies Chicken Shack
Hey Jealousy-Gin Blossoms
Sink into Me-Taking Back Sunday
(If your wondering if I want you to) I want you to- Weezer
Makes Me Wonder-Maroon 5
Megalomaniac- Incubus
Lazy Song- Bruno Mars
Toxic- Britney Spears
Flagpole Sitta-Harvey Danger
My Love- Justin Timberlake
Take me out- Franz Ferdinand
Pokerface- Lady GaGa
Paper Planes- MIA
Welcome to Paradise- Green Day