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The best kept secret in music


"Rising Stars: Favorite - Rockin' the 'Burbs"

"In case we got major distribution, we wanted to be in the same section as Peter Frampton, Foghat and Foreigner," explains Crawford, Favorite's frontman, when asked how the band got its name. This quartet from the Roswell, GA area suburbs started out at UGA, where they played local gigs at the 40 Watt Club. They recorded their EP, The Tom O'Hara EP, after playing merely 40 shows. Since then, Crawford Ada (vocals), Chris Casatelli (Bass), Mike Bond (Guitar) and Casey Duggan (Drums), have been weekend warriors, touring as much as their daytime jobs and budget allow. Their gung-ho attitude blasts through in teir music, a mix of hard rock and pop that gets you moving. "We put on a really good rock show...everyone who comes gets their money's worth," Crawford proclaims. It's hard not to be won over by a band that appeals to the inner youth of everyone. "One thing we try to get across is we're kids...it's just good skateboarding music, man," Crawford half-jokingly says to JEZEBEL. "Favorite? Yes, fast becoming one of mine," Steve Craig of 99X confesses, won over by the band's infectious energy. "If you're a musician, you can see how passionate we are about it," Crawford adds. Plagued by typical independent artist problems, Favorite merely wants a chance to make music their full time occupation. With their shot on the 99x Locals Only stage at Music Midtown, they have a chance to show their biggest audience to date what their music is all about. - Jezebel Magazine

"Rocking Ass and Taking Names: The Guys of Favorite Seek to Become Just That"

"Favorite Rocks Ass." Scribbled on a wall at Steverino's is this (probably drunken) tribute to one of Atlanta's, well, favorite local rock bands. "It was basically written after I played an open mic up there and just played covers and what-not and handed out the Tom O'Hara CD," explains Favorite lead vocalist/guitarist Crawford Adam. "People do from time to time call me at two in the morning and say that they aren't able to drive at Steverino's and that they saw this on the wall and just wanted to call and say hello.
I guess it's awesome that they haven't painted over it. The 2 a.m. phone calls can stop though, but I really don't mind."

Though currently at home in Atlanta, Favorite formed in Athens in late 1999 when Adam, guitarist Mike Bond and drummer Casey Duggan met while attending the University of Georgia. The trio later picked up bassist Chris Casatelli, solidifying the band's current line-up. Selecting a moniker like Favorite for the band may be a little presumptuous, a little bold, but Adam admits that "we could be called Coffee Mug in Trouble and people would think we're cocky."

Whatever attitude the boys in Favorite may have, deep down they are a genuine group brought together by a passion for rock and roll and united by a brand of rock they've been able to produce together. The music on Favorite's latest record, This Place Has its Days, combines melodic guitars, catchy pop hooks and a hint of Brit-rock here and there. With solid tracks like "Maladjusted," "This Place Has its Days" and "Others May," the album is a finished product to be proud of.
My ultimate goal is to have an album that all those kids in the band are singing along to.

After wrapping production, the members were reminded of why they put so much into and work so hard for this band. "I feel that when you create music and you feel amazing after a song is completed, then recorded, then listened to by new people, that it gives you a sense that all of the hours in the practice space and van on weekends is worth it," says Adam. "Giving back music to people and yourself as a band is what's important. I think that explains the work ethic because music has given me happiness since I was a wee young lad."

So far, Favorite has been chatting with a few major labels, all of which have very positive things to say about the band and the music, says Adam, but a deal has yet to be thrown their way. According to Adam, rock bands are not the priority at labels these days. Instead, A&R reps are out searching for the next "American Idol"-type superstar. Even if Favorite got signed, however, Adam points out that he would still be a little wary of jumping straight into the signed-band mindset: "Seeing the state of the music business at an all time low, we would have to have a record deal with major support and advertising before quitting our day jobs. I know that might not sound rock and roll, but it's reality."

But the Favorite guys aren't phased by the lack of label follow-through with the band and will continue to rock out show after show, with or without a major label contract in hand. In fact, Adam has a more sincere goal than just inking a deal. "[My ultimate goal is] to have success and to be able to wake up every day and know that all you have to do is play guitar," he explains. "To have an album that one day I can go to a club and they will be playing it over the P.A. while a new 16-year-old band is soundchecking and all those kids in the band are singing along to what we did back in the day. I think that would be a very rewarding thing."

Leah Weinberg

- Flagpole (Athens,GA)


This Place Has Its Days (full album, 2003)
Tom O'Hara (EP, 1999)
Simple Irresistable/Muy Bueno (2 song single, 2004)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Favorite will not steal your lunch money. They will not cause drowsiness or sleepiness. You may operate heavy machinery under the influence of Favorite, but it is not recommended. Favorite is not a complete source of vitamin c, but will give you your daily allowance of protein. Favorite will not insult your mom, but may try and to date her. It is safe to consume alcohol while under the influence of Favorite. Favorite will not cause lightheadedness, but may produce aural hallucinations. Favorite does not result in low birth weight, but is definitely under the surgeon generals warning.

Favorite will rock you. Consult your physician.

Emerging quickly on the Georgia music
scene, Favorite has generated a strong
following in the South East. After releasing
the Tom O'Hara EP, Favorite grew more and
more popular with their stimulating live
shows in Georgia, Florida and other hot spots
of the region. With the release of
This Place Has Its Days, Favorite will prove
their longevity in the scene, both locally
and nationally.

Favorite's music is not easily categorized,
creating a standalone presence in the
local scene. With influences ranging from
AC/DC, and the Beatles to Far, Jimmy Eat
World and Quicksand, Favorite creates a
hybrid of sound that is not easily ignored.

Favorite's aggressive attack on the
regions music scene commands attention,
and guarantees they are a band to watch.