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She’s fiery, she’s poppy, and she’s unpredictable. She’s simply “Fawni�! A pop artist and singer. Meet today’s unequivocal Pop girl.

Born in Vienna, Austria in 1985 the daughter of P.S. Hill, a leading figure in the contemporary art community, Fawni began early on at her father’s side developing a painting style of her own. Describing fond memories as a little girl, like watching her dad paint large scale canvases in his studio using “breathtakingly, intense, bright colors and believing her dad was “a magician and his brush a wand� her father plunged her into the art world before she was old enough to even have a choice. Together they lived, ate and slept art. To many people at her young age, her talent was indeed formidable.

At the same young age Fawni delved into the music business. At seven years old, she joined a musical group that traveled throughout Europe until her 13th birthday. This group performed in both major plays and musicals, and gained solid acclaim throughout the field of aspiring young talent. In her teens, she moved to London, the heart of the European entertainment industry. There she began to perform extensively. She received musical training with several leading teachers and worked on a few small television and film projects as well. She also played along side her brother the famous actor Alexander Pschill known best for his role as “Kommissar Rex� in the Austrian P.I. show.

“It was during this time of my life that I could not refrain from putting down a paintbrush. It was as if I couldn’t express myself properly through words or actions, I had to paint! I did not and still do not feel complete if I don’t express myself on canvas.�

Adventuring into adulthood, Fawni’s paintings both unique and striking have grown in size and scope. Finding great inspiration in modern and pop art masters as Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, Basquiat, Lichtenstein and Rothko, Fawni had quickly established a signature style of her own.

A few years later, Fawni left London for Los Angeles on recommendation by her agent. There she began immediate training at the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts, where she undertook extensive studies in acting, singing and dancing. At school Fawni was scouted by Curt Cumo a leading west coast music producer. Working with him led to many major auditions, one of which was for the girl group “Goddess�. She was invited to join the group immediately. They preformed locally and appeared on Entertainment Tonight and shows alike until they split up due to management conflicts. The “Fawni Buzz� however had already taken a shape of its own. She continued to record tracks in Los Angeles, New York, Vienna, London, and Stockholm with world renowned producers such as Herbie Crichlow and Ari Le Tennen from the Max Martin Team. As well as King Logan, from the Royal Court Production Team in Dallas, Texas. Once she discovered her music niche, she was approached by several major labels and accepted a European deal from SONY MUSIC.

“The times at which I feel the most whole, complete the most content and alive are when I am in my art studio, singing and painting in my panties. I wish I could sing and paint wearing nothing but my panties at my concerts, but I think that could quickly be misinterpreted as a different kind of show!�

Fawni’s Art holds fast to her own style. Her paintings are best described as warm, vivacious, audacious, and striking, both a mélange of deeply disturbing and thought-provoking images, coupled with an innocent joy. The work is very youthful, almost child like in a way, but executed with an unflagging sense of maturity. Today she has begun to work in a private studio space in Los Angeles.

Fawni has attended several international art fairs “Art Expo New York, Las Vegas� etc. and was introduced to the pop artist image maker Tom Zotos. He expressed great interest when he viewed her portfolio. Familiar with Fawni’s singing career he simply had this to say to her:

“Dylan paints, Marilyn Manson is a great artist, McCartney and Lennon went to art school, so embrace it! Today people accept that one can express themselves in more than one way in a lifetime.�

Tom Zotos and Fawni have since exhibited together on several occasions. Check out her website www.fawnientertainment.com for an online presentation as well as upcoming art exhibitions. If you get a chance go see it, it will rock your world.
But let’s face it; nothing would rock our world more than seeing Fawni sing and dance in her “panties�. Let’s hope she does it!

Follow Fawni’s music career at www.fawni.com. Soon it will be hard to ignore this outspoken, sassy pop star!

“Nothing and no one can stop me from achieving what I want. I have way too much fun doing what I do!�