Fawn Spots

Fawn Spots

 York, England, GBR

Described as a "foam fist" by Upset the Rhythm, Fawn Spots deliver hyperactive, effect's drenched pop-ditties with the fever of the early SST bands, their often dramatic, always entertaining and ridiculously energetic live show is a must for fans of early college rock and eighties American punk.


Jonathan could / can barely play guitar and Lee had never played drums before, but starting at band seemed like a good idea.

6 weeks after forming Fawn Spots had their first show. It was a mess.

Their debut, self-recorded EP is named 'Mess' in tribute to this period, and the songs that were written as a result of being neither tight, nor competent.

Fawn Spots' focus has always been on a hyperactive live performance, with music that is noisy, loud and abrasive, but still has a beating pop-heart. We love No Age, My Bloody Valentine, Husker Du, Black Flag, Xiu Xiu, Refused etc...

Shows regularly involve blood, sweat and tears.

We don't care about having the best quality recordings or being the most technical musicians. We just want to play, hard, fast and loud. All the time.

We've got nothing but our boredom to lose.

Fawn Spots have played across the country including shows for Upset the Rhythm, Nation of Shopkeepers and Scene Not Herd.


'Hair Play' EP
2011, Bad Paintings

'Mess' EP
2011, self released

Tracks from Mess have been played on NE1FM and This is Fake DIY radio, and have been streamed on a variety of music blogs, including http://www.scenenotherd.org/, http://letsgetcynical.wordpress.com/ and http://www.musicbrokemybones.co.uk

Forthcoming recordings in November 2011 with Tie Dye Tapes of Sheffield.