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Fawn Spots

York, England, United Kingdom | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

York, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Punk


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Fawn Spots @ Manchester

Manchester, England, GBR

Manchester, England, GBR

Fawn Spots @ Oporto

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England, GBR

Fawn Spots @ The Hop

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.The dual guitar/vocal punch of Jonathan Meager and Oliver Grabowski (the band is a trio, along with drummer Sean Joseph Hughes) is a powerful battering ram, the band’s lack of a bass guitar in no way hindering their delivery of a real lower end attack. This aggression is reinforced by the occasional hardcore punk flavour of their music: relatively short songs delivered with speed and energy (Grabowski in particular thrashes and writhes while wrestling the notes from his guitar, while Hughes maintains a thunderous rhythm behind his kit, favouring solid power over any frilly fills or drum solo wankery). Some slight mic issues mean Meager’s impassioned shouting is indistinct and drowned out by the guitars, but nobody in the audience seems to mind too much by the time the band end their set with a heavy rendition of ‘The Official Ironmen Rally Song’ by Guided By Voices. Decent stuff. - Soundsphere Magazine

Fawn Spots don’t hang around - tearing through the sub-three minute handbook of all that is great about proto-punk, garage and rock’n’roll with suitable gusto. - The Line of Best Fit

Here they give focus to a lively amalgam of Rites Of Spring, Samiam and The Men. Not too shabby. - Record Collector Magazine

Fawn Spots are post-punk, garage rockers and ‘Basin’ is an energetic, short track with frenetic guitars. The vocals are intense and shouted out by lead singer Jonathan Meager and it actually really makes me want to watch these guys live, which can only be a good thing I guess. - Pennyblack Music

Fawn Spots provided the antidote to all the disorientation. Their set was shockingly loud, gone were the poppy, chiming cuts and sharp crashing melodies; it seems the US gigs and split LP Wedding Dress with Cum Stain have precipitated the creation of a tougher, howling sound. Equal part Tudor lad (Roaring Boys indeed) equal part No Wave snarl, they battered the audience, which slowly and ever more noticeably started to take to the band, first via the odd bit of head nodding, then dancing then roaring acceptance. Fawn Spots’ current appeal is based squarely on the ever mounting adrenaline levels released by the merciless charge of this racket. In some ways it’s like being stuck in a hot train. It may come as a shock at first, but there’s little you can do about it, so it’s time to explore the parameters of your toleration levels, and see what you can gain from the experience. And once the appreciation that you can’t hang your hopes on those melodies anymore kicks in, you find you can slowly ingest this throbbing metallic racket. Rich mid tones coagulated round a full, deep drum sound: tracks like Watered Down and Tailor Made were hammered out, feedback snarled; guitars chugged and strained at the leash. It’s also very much a young man’s sound, which they play up to, like birds of paradise showing off their plumage they want to show you they can do a job, go harder, faster, higher than the rest and in that it’s pop music. Such is their confidence that they have ditched their best known song, Spanish Glass, though after a while that mattered not. An encore, (playing the only other song they could play) and that was that. WORM dug them. - Incendiary Magazine

The Mine is a strange, long venue that feels like both a Roman Circus and a 60s sci-fi ship. The best place is at the front, smack in the middle. This was the only acceptable place to be to catch the euphoric set by Fawn Spots, who performed like bloodthirsty Vikings on a berserk rage. Brutal and unforgiving, their rapid-fire tracks were delivered deftly and on target. - The Sloucher

A band who do know what they want is Fawn Spots – put simply, they just want to rock. Possessing a rhythmic noise that would penetrate even the hardiest of earplugs, they are incredible tight and musically impolite considering co-frontman Oliver Grabowski’s take home to mother good looks. Last time I reviewed them, back at Beacons festival, a few of their fans on facebook took issue with the fact that I claimed they were a little shaky on their feet in terms of stage presence, more than understandable considering their line up reshuffle. Whilst I stand by what I said then, today, they are a band entirely matured and virtually faultless, proof that practise really does make perfect. Good on you lads! - Safety in Sound


From Safer Place - 12" Album
Fire / Critical Heights
9/10 March 2015

New Sense - 7" Single
Bad Paintings
January 12th 2015

Basin 7" split with Scott & Charlene's Wedding
Critical Heights
August 2013

Wedding Dress 12" split album with Cum Stain
February 2013
Bad Paintings BP1201

Wedding Dress Cassette Tape
February 2013
Burger Records

Silent Night, Tiny Lights Xmas compilation
Santa won’t get away with it this year
December 2012
Tiny Lights Recordings. CD and Download

Spanish Glass / From Pierce single.
August 2012
Southern Records/Louder Than War. 7�

Gravelines EP
March 2012
Tye Die Tapes.
Cassette (including download)

Hair Play EP Reissue with Bonus Track
March 2012.
Bad Paintings BPT001
Cassette (including download)

Hair Play EP
October 2011
Bad Paintings BP001
CD and download

Mess EP
May 2011
Self Released
Free CD and free download



From Safer Place is the debut long-player from York-based punk trio Fawn Spots, to be released in February 2015 on Critical Heights. Pulsating with a visceral tension, the album calls to mind the cathartic energy of Rites of Spring and Husker Du with the disparate post punk angularity of Joy Division and Mission of Burma; urgent and raw but keeping to a clear sense of melody.

The album’s title captures the band’s existential angst and was borne out of the idea that growing older distances oneself from a place of security, propelling oneself into a position of ambivalence. This bittersweet transition – simultaneously daunting yet thrilling – is revealed musically throughout the album: just as becoming aware of oneself feels as if being ‘thrown’ into the world, From Safer Place thrusts you headfirst into its roaring surge.

Rather aptly, From Safer Place was written and recorded in sheds located in an abandoned Georgian garden, just outside of York; resulting in the album itself working as a literal message from a “safer place”. Lyrically, main songwriter Jonathan Meager has produced his most challenging, personal and complete work to date, influenced by T. S. Eliot and Jean Paul Sartre amongst others. Jonathan pinpoints Fawn Spots ethos as one borrowed from Guy Debord and The Situationists – to “live without dead time”, to become liberated from the everyday.

Fawn Spots formed in 2011, originally a two-piece, aiming to push how much noise two people could make - Fawn Spots started with intensity, but gradually became more focused and mature as artists, losing one drummer but gaining two new members and honing their expression in the process.

With Jonathan Meager and Oliver Grabowski on vocals and guitars, and recent addition Paddy Carley on drums, Fawn Spots intention for their debut was to “capture the band in its purest form”. Recording and engineering the album themselves gave Fawn Spots the opportunity to capture the band’s authenticity, an impression of which is best expressed in “New Sense”, a blistering evocation for a hidden world “never exposed” to reveal itself.

Fawn Spot’s debut album provides us with just this: a revelatory experience, a light-bulb moment, an exhilarating disassociation From Safer Place.

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