Faylita Hicks

Faylita Hicks

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Sizzling Spoken Word Artist Faylita Hicks keeps crowds of all ages entertained with her high energy performance and unqiue point of view!


Meet Faylita Hicks, a young twenty-something year old woman whose voice and poetry have been making waves in the Austin and San Marcos community for years now. Born in the rising sun of California before venturing South, this beautiful Austinite attributes her growth as a writer and performer to the diverse community of open mic venues, her family and friends, and of course, poets.

Faylita Hicks has been writing and performing Spoken Word since July 2003, starting at the Nationally renown spot for Austin's oldest Poetry Slam venue, Ego's. In 2004, she made the ride up North Austin to become apart of the Austin Neo Soul group. Since 2003, she has had opportunity to truly grow her art in thed community. She has held various workshops throughout Austin on poetry writing, stage performance, and applying for college. She served as Gamma Sigma Sigma Sororities Service Vice President for two years. She has been featured all across Texas, including: Ft. Worth, Dallas, San Antonio, Killeen, Houston, San Marcos, Austin, and more.

As an actress, she has appeared in three locally filmed commercials, an award winning Independent film, and over five local theatre productions. In August 2007, she earned a spot on the 2007 Neo-Soul Austin Team which competed for the Title at the 2007 National Poetry Slam. In the same month, Rip the Mic, her premiere open mic venue on the Texas State University campus, had it's first show! Later that year, she competed in the national Season 3 online Famecast.com contest for $10,000 and placed 3rd in the nation with her Spoken Word, making her the first woman in the contest to do so.

In January 2008, Faylita released her first CD, The Experience of this Black Woman. She also earned a spot, for the 2nd time on the Nationally ranked Austin Neo Soul Poetry Slam team and will be traveling with them to the 2008 National Poetry Slam in Madison, Wisconsin this August. An incredibly multi-talented woman,
Faylita Hicks is "A Kiss of God Blown To Earth!"



Written By: Faylita

New to this skin I’m in.
To this, sin I’m into.
Sweet, sour sweat is clinging to the weak mattress and sticking to my back. Convoluted, the cacophony of lips, hips and legs are pressed hurriedly into the malleable forms of those heaped, recklessly, here. Strangers, worshiping their own twisted shadows, are laying groans into foreign necks and pretending, for a while, that this is for the best. We shake and shudder together and for a moment, we mean something to somebody.

It’s new finding herself in that skin.
I can still smell her on her fingers and she sidles like she’s just off some runway, fresh. She’s got my eyes.

Flashes back to arched back, spread nasty brown hills. Crown for a Queen, cocked crooked. Hills, still to Mt. Everest for boys and too ant like for men. We’re the same.

I can still recall the sweet scent of molasses that cocooned the room as my love for my youth slid soaked obsession slowly down my slit. Love for the very essence of life’s presence dangling, a moist stone from my clit. Naughty numbers are always sticky with truth.

She sighs. I tell her,

“I too know that hunger for something great and defining. Perverse prayers passing like bits of psalms from slack lips like God! Show me your palms and I’ll show you how we connect love lines.”

I know those accomplices; bedfellows, for a moment, even when they didn’t get it. Recognize that ‘oh-so-condemning’ lust to taste all the apples of Adam, apple seeds strewn from different apples.

Chewing on the thoughts of lesser men, she mimics my lines, gurgling lullabies like, “Let’s fuck!”

Immortalizing my figure, she speaks my language. Holds my epiphany in her hip. Moans are snatched from the very breach of my lips.

I want to tell her,
that if she can pause,
and pronounce herself,
for herself,
there will come a time when no amount of passion can surpass the orgasm of internal definition.

Coming alone, fingers thrust between protruding labials, sheets saturated, sweat pouring from her curves will be just as satisfying, if not more.

“Touch your breast,” I will tell her.

“They’re filled with memories and promises. These orbs, these oracles attached to your core. Your breast will always be your fortune; I’m obliged to tell you.

Most Beautiful.
Goddess, they don’t deserve it.
Goddess, whose name I don’t know yet.

Greet the mornings. Bask in the moonlight naked. Baptize yourself in whatever you like, be it sweat or lover’s licks. I don’t care.”

I want to tell her secrets about the way we nymphs transcend time. Our bodies detest fine lines and we redefine bed times. We muses are not whores, nor are we sluts or bitches.

I want to teach her to taste the letters. Teach her to tongue the C and tap the T on its ass.
Cunt, pussy, I want her to steal those sounds back. Proudly proclaim the positive power of it.

Those who place shame on their desires and condemn their own bodies, “They couldn’t fathom it, let alone own it like we do!”

I want her to take back her name. Take back her shame without apology. Take back her pride, “Get on top, girl, and ride! Slide out of that exoskeleton of lies they gave you, into something more comfortable. Like you.”

I need her to know, like I know, that she must always get her O! And let those seeds of wisdom grow into apple trees.

Those drying bits of apple seeds.


The Experience of This Black Woman- Independent Production

Set List

1. Honor
2. Trance Dance
3. This Way My Man
4.Never Sleep Alone
5.Back In The Day
6.Mass Murderer
7. All He Has To Do
8. Apples
9. Me, Mother Earth
10. March

Set can be between 5 to 10 poems, typically lasting between 15-45 minutes.