Tin Can Phone

Tin Can Phone


Tin Can Phone is a explosive fusion of indie-rock and reggae. They have all the energy of a full reggae group with the power and effects heavy vocal and guitar melodies of indie-rock. On stage the bass and drums groove while the singer and lead guitar pass the melody back and forth.


Tin Can Phone is:

Matt Rusin – Vocals, Guitar
Josh Nicholson – Lead Guitar
Lee Sisson – Drums
Tyler Rusin – Bass

Tin Can Phone is an explosive fusion of Indie Rock and Reggae. They have all the energy of a full reggae group with the power and effects heavy vocal and guitar melodies of Indie Rock. On stage singer Matt Rusin and lead guitarist Josh Nicholson pass the melody back and forth while bassist Tyler Rusin and drummer Lee Sisson lay down the rhythm and give it an upbeat groove filled with unpredictable stops and changes. Tin Can Phone’s lyrics bring a unique message to each song by touching on everything from going to jail to politics to destiny.

Since the conception of the band in December of 2007 they’ve played venues in Austin, Corpus Christi, Port Aransas, San Antonio, and San Macros in Texas. On their summer tour, consisting of 22 dates in June, they played in Kalamazoo, MI, Chicago, IL, Memphis, TN and many other cities. With a continually growing fan base all over Texas and nationally, Tin Can Phone has packed such Austin, TX venues as Speakeasy, Beso Cantina, The Thirsty Nickel, Maggie Mae’s, and Headhunters, and such Corpus Christi venues as Dr. Rockit’s, Bourbon Street, House of Rock, and Executive Surf Club.

Guitarist Josh Nicholson, singer Matt Rusin and drummer Lee Sisson moved to Austin from South Haven, MI, a small beach town on the coast of Lake Michigan. The three musicians played in many bands over the last 15 years all over the country until they finally came together and moved to Austin to form Tin Can Phone. However, it wasn’t until Tyler Rusin (cousin of singer Matt Rusin) joined the band in August of 2008 that their sound finally became complete. The energy they bring live on stage mixed with their full unique sound makes attending a Tin Can Phone show a must for any music lover.


Self-released lp: Tin Can Phone
Self-released ep: "Cats Eye" EP

Set List

Tin Can Phone
− Alive or Dead
− Amero
− Cat's Eye Nebula
− Deep Blue
− Drugs
− Fell Off
− Fool's Gold
− Hardly Care
− Insecurities
− Leap of Faith
− My Life
− New Orleans
− Sink
− Skate Shoes
− Slow Down
− Sun Moon Song
− The Astronaut Song
− The Haven
− Without his Kingdom
− Your Daddy
Bob Marley
Grateful Dead