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Our group is just another statistic of situation gone from good to bad, but seeing other artist across our border accomplish their dreams. We feel sitting on the North side of the border we need accomplish more. FBF music is more, it’s a lifestyle, it’s our lives passed through the open airwaves.


Fly Boy Family or better known as F.B.F. who originated from the rough streets of Jane and Finch have managed to overcome the stereotypes and be seen for what they really are; versatile. With a unique and new style of music they set out to deliver something that has not yet been heard from other artists. They continue to remain unique individuals who are able to join together and work as one to produce highly anticipated music. With the street smarts from Jane and Finch it is no wonder why they have the ability to perform under pressure with class and style. As they write each song, the success continues because the intention behind each is to bring something new and unheard to the Canadian music industry. It has not been all success or an easy road for F.B.F., but the constant worrying of where the funding for their next studio session would come from has driven them, resulting in many successful songs. F.B.F are just one of the few artists out of the Jane and Finch area that is a result of situation gone from bad to better. Funding from the City of Toronto to provide them with a semi-professional recording studio helps them to focus on their music and not stress. Some of their songs have already been released and many more to come. F.B.F. has managed to have their music has been played on Flow 93.5, 89.5 and fusion radio as well as live shows throughout Toronto. F.B.F. has just begun their journey to success as they are still in and out of the studio writing and recording. It has not been easy and they know it will be a lot of work ahead of them, yet it is this that remains to keep them focused and driven to be something that the music industry has yet to hear.

Set List

3-6 tracks. Varies.