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Beautiful Music (2010)
F.E.A.R (2011)
The Goin Up EP(2012)
Life After Regret (2012)



All over the world kids grow up making music as a hobby, always imaging the grandest stages and largest crowds. For most those dreams never come to fruition and the hobby never evolves into anything more. That’s where Austin’s own Fiyah Boy Flame Gang finds themselves. After years of recording music the group is ready to take that next step.
Hailing from all over Central Texas, the group’s members (2Tone, QWill, Chamothy the Great, King Kase, and J.R. the A.R.) met throughout their youth and naturally made their way to making music together. Even before they all met each other the guys already had plenty in common. All three have a passion for music that was instilled in them from an early age.
“I was raised to a lot of old funk, soul, and blues records,” said Victor “2Tone” Martinez. “Growing up I took a special liking to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson…singing his songs and dancing like him throughout my mother’s kitchen.” The classic soul and Motown influences eventually gave way to southern hip-hop royalty Outkast, 8Ball & MJG, and Geto Boys.
Over the past 7 years the group went from making songs for fun to taking their passion more seriously. “By 2008 we all had a clear idea of what we wanted,” said Quinton “QWill” Williams. That focus is evident on the 2010 mixtape, Beautiful Music, released by 2Tone and QWill. The duo balances braggadocio rhymes and personal stories in a concoction that wears its influences on its sleeve without being derivative.
Now that the foundation has been built, the group is setting its sights on bigger things. First up is taking their music out on the road on a proper tour. But until those plans come together the guys are keeping their focus on building their brand through local events and making SXSW networking a priority.
But the group understands that the music comes first and that passion is something that’s easy to see in them.
“I love the emotional connection music creates,” explains 2Tone, “I feel like music allows me to express myself on a deeper level.”
That’s a sentiment shared and expanded by QWill “For me it’s almost like I’m at war with myself…the only way I feel good is if I essentially beat myself or improve upon previous works.” That competitiveness is apparent in the group’s releases, particularly on their most recent outing, the “Life After Regret” mixtape.
While the group will continue to record and perform locally, all three want to reach people beyond on the city’s borders, and know that SXSW is great place to springboard off. As producer and rapper Chamothy explains, the group is looking to build their brand and “…reach an international fanbase directly as well as get a chance to network with other bands.”
More info about their releases can be found at www.dieslo.com