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Final Chapter is a rhyming duo of two brothers, Snypa, & Big Shank who are known from the notorious Secta 7 crew for their unmatched skills in the underground hip hop scene of Houston Texas. They don't cater to the old and usual sounds. With their depth of sound, variety of beats and strong lyrical ability, they stand above the rest.
Final Chapter, will create a marketing plan and production plan to bring their sound, their image and their message to the masses. They will be in total charge of their music and their future as well as their vision, becoming a role model for other aspiring acts of the genre.

Final Chapter, will create a new mold and a foundation for independent hip hop artists and show the way to success while still remaining in control. Final Chapter will be brought to a new level of popularity and become both a musical and business entity that will survive and flourish on its own.

Through the years of hard work, Final Chapter has been awarded numerous awards for their musical skill. Winning such awards such as best up & coming artist of the year at the HHH Awards, and best new school lyricist from the South at the N.Y.C. UMA Awards, Final Chapter has proven they are without a doubt the truth from Houston, Texas looking for world domination in this hip hop game. Don’t get it twisted, Houston might be known for candy slabs and purple drank, and screw music with the same theme in it, but Final Chapter paints a refreshing picture with their skills & talent. They build on a message of truth, and a message of vivid descriptions that compliments their vision.



Written By: Alvin and Marcus merriett

Intro: Momma Tribute

Chorus- I see the light momma
No more pain and stress I promise
Innocence Im free your honor
I’ll never go back No No

I see the light momma
Life lessons learned I promise
I see im free your honor
I’ll never go back No No

Momma I’ts me
Your son is free
the same hard headed boy that you had to beat
love to eat
9months on your feet
I heard you praying to the lord that my soul he keeps
Now that I’m grown
I’m looking back to 1yrs old
the way you raised two boys with the strength of your own
going to church
smacked us in the face if we cursed
No girls on the phone boys finish your work
That’s how it was growing up young in Mo’city
Messing with the dogs getting chased wasn’t pretty
buying cool cups from my neighbor mrs.Whitley
Hiding go seek trying get the girls to kiss me hahahhahah
Man those where the days playing basketball in the sun praying for shade
Its all good cuz big stars are made from the hood
I’ve been shinning every since ah do it twice if I could
Dear God I just want to thank ya
fa giving mom strength to carry on mom gangsta
things didn’t work out Momma made it happen
food was on a short supply momma made it happen
close start to run out momma made it happen
Momma gone be rich when we blow up and start rapp’n
Things looking up now my light done got brighter
my flow done got tighter bigshank on fire


Yea I see the light now sun clear
shine bright like the diamond in my left ear
plus the rights’ froze and with combined it will blind anything in its range keep your eyes closed
but my ice not important
Im spittin with the intentions of walking in your office
and waving bye bye to your bosses
tell them that your son just bought a plane and you’re the main person boarding
It’s like that and we love it
watching you take pictures with the public
sitting in a beamor can you see her
she 70 on the feter
and im promising them haters they aint saying nothing
I remember back when back then You where home jobless
still brought the food back regardless
still read the word to your son paying offering
and we where nothing more than little Alvin and Marcus
Now I go by snypa and he go by shankum
right now I am bossty different lyrics may change him
Now we in a mansion use to be a duplex
where you bought me race cars and I had a drum set
Momma you’re the best now you boy is a man
with a child of his own so I completely understand
everything you stand for everything you did
every lesson taught wasn’t I comment rich bring us to the end
No pain no stress no strife we done made it to the top fo’sho
livin life better every single day now you don’t never ever ever have to worry no’moe

Chorus repeats

Set List

We can do anywhere between 5 to 60 minutes...

We don't have instruments...
Our instrumental is on a cd..