First Communion Afterparty

First Communion Afterparty


Our music belongs to a distinct family: psychedelic rock. Our sound is built on psychedelic bands you’ve heard and some you haven’t. Theres nothing unfamiliar but there’s a fresh personality behind it. Each song is an artful balance of guitars, bass, synths, tambourines, drums, floor tom and vocals.


First Communion Afterparty began in early 2005 when childhood friends Liam Watkins and Carin Barno set out to bring psychedelic music back to Minneapolis. Within two years of playing shows, the band made several local year end top pick lists and local media attention quickly started to snowball. FCAP had the pleasure of playing dates in Austin, TX during SXSW 07, 08 and 09 including a major showcase for KEXP Seattle which was aired live on ME Television Austin. FCAP have also opened for such national acts as, The Von Bondies, Dead Meadow, The Strange Boys, The Warlocks, The Black Angels, Darker My Love, Autolux, Spindrift and Hopewell.


Ever Last Sting Live - (Live LP)
Limited vinyl release 2007

Sorry For All The Mondays (and to those who cant sing)
CD LP release 2008

Skyline Starlight EP - 2010
(7" vinyl release only)

Earth Heat Sound LP - 2010
(To be released in May 2010)

Radio play -

2cb - Sorry for all the Mondays

Cross Me - Sorry for all the Mondays

Set List

01- Feather Head
02- Jesus Told You
03- 2cb
04- Green Turns To Gold
05- Sleep Away
06- Skyline, Starlight
07- Earth Heat Sound
08- Spring Rite
09- Shone Brightly

We have played sets up to two hours long. But usually only play 35-45 min sets.