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"Best Local Rock Album of 2008"

First Communion Afterparty, Sorry for All the Mondays and to Those Who Can’t Sing. While it’s important for any young group of musicians experimenting with neo-psychedelica to spend time cultivating an air of languid, acid-drenched debauchery, it was unclear whether this one, FCAP, felt it was as important to, you know, actually make a record. After adding veteran guitar player Joey Werner, Liam Watkins’s band of merry cranksters have capitalized on the promise of their stage show with an album of droned-out psych-pop, highlighted by the opening track, “2CB.” - Mpls St Paul Magazine

"Pulse Magazine"

First Communion Afterparty's music belongs to a distinct family: psychedelic rock. It's true: there is no other honest way to describe it. The point is they belong. Their sound is built on psychedelic bands you've heard and some you haven't. There is nothing unfamiliar but there's a fresh personality behind it. With seven band members it would be easy to get tangled up in too many limbs, but that never happens. Each song is an artful balance of dual guitars, bass, keyboard, tambourines, drums, floor tom and vocals from all over.
- Pulse Magazine

"City Pages 07""

A sprawling commune of a band, these prophets of new psychedelia combine the percussive shake of a den of rattlesnakes with waves of guitar that warp and shimmer like heat coming off a stretch of desert blacktop. FCAP's loose-limbed bohemian jangle and drugged-out drawl are a seductive invitation to get on the bus and head west.

- City Pages

"Pioneer Press"

Take six kids with disaffected stares, add droning guitars and keyboards, toss in some superfluous percussion and top it all off with a vaguely sacrilegious name, and you've got First Communion Afterparty, a band that's already inspiring friends and enemies with equal amounts of passion. - Pioneer Press

"Minneapolis Star Tribune"

Together, these south Minneapolis kids come off as Southdale Mall's answer to the Manson Family, with a '60s psychedelic soundtrack to boot. Theirs is a total San Francisco freak-out sound, echoing Jefferson Airplane and Brian Jonestown Massacre (and thus the Velvet Underground and trippier Stones). Coming from musicians this young, the regurgitated music sounds refreshed and vibrant.
- Minneapolis Star Tribune

"City Pages 09""

So, even if First Communion Afterparty are weirdo cult figures visiting us from hazy hey days of the past, let's embrace them. Their music (cleverly cultivated for decades and scientifically delivered to us in the present) is some of the best we have in the Twin Cities.

- City Pages

"Seattle Weekly"

First Communion Afterparty come off like the bastard tour children of Zia McCabe and Anton Newcombe, abandoned in the suburbs of Minneapolis. They look hip, sound incredible, and borrow just enough from their musical parentage to turn kids under twenty-five on to neo- psychedelia and make anyone over 25 feel real, real old.
- Seattle Weekly

"Reveille Magazine"

"Like A Fire" features a gorgeously thick and muddy guitar breakdown halfway through propelled into the stratosphere by Mama Cairn's throat-scorching vocals. It's easily one of the record's fieriest and most exciting moments. Album opener "2CB" blossoms into a raucous and driving chorus that recalls Spiritualized or The Verve at their grinding, swirling best. - Reveille Magazine


Similarly, First Communion Afterparty, who bring 60s psychedelia to the fore with an ease and authenticity you might not expect from musicians who were hanging out in the ovaries when the acid revolution hit, are a band that positively begs the passing of a water pipe (full of tobacco, naturally). Driving, full of mellow menace, they're a band that was meant to be heard lying down in a grassy meadow. - GIMMIE NOISE!

"KEXP Review"

Their sound is certainly reminiscent of the primarily West Coast psychedelic scene, reaching all the way back to its ’60s roots. Their local Minnesota media ate ‘em up from the get-go, and the band ended up on several year-end who’s-who lists.


Ever Last Sting Live - (Live LP)
Limited vinyl release 2007

Sorry For All The Mondays (and to those who cant sing)
CD LP release 2008

Skyline Starlight EP - 2010
(7" vinyl release only)

Earth Heat Sound LP - 2010
(To be released in May 2010)

Radio play -

2cb - Sorry for all the Mondays

Cross Me - Sorry for all the Mondays



First Communion Afterparty began in early 2005 when childhood friends Liam Watkins and Carin Barno set out to bring psychedelic music back to Minneapolis. Within two years of playing shows, the band made several local year end top pick lists and local media attention quickly started to snowball. FCAP had the pleasure of playing dates in Austin, TX during SXSW 07, 08 and 09 including a major showcase for KEXP Seattle which was aired live on ME Television Austin. FCAP have also opened for such national acts as, The Von Bondies, Dead Meadow, The Strange Boys, The Warlocks, The Black Angels, Darker My Love, Autolux, Spindrift and Hopewell.