Rome, Latium, ITA

Excellent rock sound including some amazing ballads and songs.


A music project started in Rome in 1998 by the singer/songwriter Simone Baldi. He travelled, worked and lived a great part of his life in international environments. Simone’s world is a melting pot where people from around the planet share their lives and different cultures come together. A native Italian speaker, he writes his lyrics in English – the language he speaks to tell his friends about his personal stories and experiences. Simone’s music also reflects his global background and is a present day expression of the rock tradition contaminated by an Italian melodic sound.

He played his music in Italy and abroad with various formations in the past decade. Adriano Russo, Emiliano Laganà, Lery Calabria and Luca Mancini joined the project in 2007. Brando Lupi joined in 2008.
They performed together in clubs, bars and festivals in and out of Rome. Towards the end of 2007, the independent label Orange Park Records decided to produce Simone’s music.

The debut album “FCO”, soon to be released, has been recorded at the NGR Studio of Rome under the supervision of Francesco De Nigris and has been mastered at the Sterling Sound of New York by Leon Zervos. The single “Free” will soon be launched ‘on air’ in the USA.

FCO are currently preparing a tour that will touch the Netherlands, Eastern Europe and USA. In the meanwhile they continue performing around Italy.


First album: FCO
Promoted by Planetary Group
First single: Free

Set List

# 1.Maybe a dream
# 2.Like love
# 3.Can't believe
# 4.Free
# 5.Expectations
# 6.A day as she grows
# 7.As it goes
# 8.Waterfall
# 9.Tears
# 10.The unexpected me
Sets last 1hour - 1hour30mins depending on the number of cover played