The Dave Rawlinson Band

The Dave Rawlinson Band


Ever find yourself thinking about the great time you had last summer, when there was live music and the band was incredibly good? We are that band...


The Dave Rawlinson Band enjoys recording and performing both cover and original material. The band has released three full-length CDs since December of 2006. As of this writing (September 2009), permanent members include Dave Rawlinson (guitar, vocals, songwriter), Bob Lupton (drums, percussion), Bob Pieters (guitar), and Alexandra Rawlinson (vocals, percussion). Caspar van Haalen (bass guitar) is currently on sabbatical.

The band formed in the summer of 2005 to fill a perceived void in the local dance-band scene. The band members had "day jobs" so, about a year after Dave joined Central Washington University as a faculty member, he and fellow professor Bob Lupton discussed playing "danceable" cover songs for local events. About two months into the band's existence and after a lot of discussion on how to play a cover song "correctly", Dave and the band members agreed that recording and performing original music would help distinguish the band from other groups.

Initially they called themselves "Pearl Street Band", a reflection of the location of their first publicized performance. The band's name evolved to "The Dave Rawlinson Band" due to Dave's modest ego and the fact that no one else wanted to handle the checkbook...!

The Rock Hall Performance...
In July of 2007, the band represented the Pacific Northwest at a performance at the Key Club in Los Angeles during the 2007 Fortune and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum "Battle of the Corporate Bands" semi-finals. The other bands in the charity competition, representing corporations as diverse as Sony Corporation and SAP, were excellent musicians, performing various covers of popular rock songs. Representing Central Washington University, the band made a decision to perform original music and was the sole entry to do so in the semi-final competition. Although the band was not selected to compete in the finals in Cleveland, each member spoke for months on the phenomenal time they had and how exciting it was to contribute to this charity event. The band continues to contribute to local and regional charity events.

The First Project...
The band's original CD, "Workin' Man" (December 2006), was independently produced by the band, and engineered by Allen Larsen of Cascade Productions in Cle Elum, Washington. The song "Workin' Man" is Dave's homage to the American worker. Dave's other favorite songs on the CD include "Love You Baby", "The Long Goodbye", and "A Dance Undone". The band received local and regional television and cable coverage on KNDO and Northwest Cable News network.

The Second Project...
The band's second CD, "Movin' On" (March 2008), again was independently produced by the band and engineered by Allen Larsen. This album features performances from saxophonist Lenny Price, who appears on the CD courtesy of Midshipman Records. Dave's favorite songs include "Friday Night", "Midnight Dance", and "I'm By Myself". Lenny's alto sax solo on the latter is one of the many highlights of this album. The band received local and regional television coverage on KNDO.

The Third Project...
The band released their third CD, "When She's Around" (September 2009) to local acclaim. Once again the project was engineered by Allen Larsen of Cascade Productions, with input from assistant engineer Matt Woodard. This project has a decidedly "country and western feel" and is arguably the band's best work to date. Dave's original songs harken back to his Texas roots, with solid performances by Dave on rhythm guitar and vocals, Bob Lupton on drums, Alexandra Rawlinson on vocals, Bob Pieters on electric guitar, Brandon Brooks on electric and steel guitar, Heather McCrostie and Rachel Nesvig on violin/fiddle and Caspar van Haalen on bass guitar. Dave's favorite songs include "Don't Have to Worry About That", "Broke Down Boots", and "I Never Get Hurt (Unless She's Around)". The band received local radio coverage on KXLE, 95.3 FM.

What's next...
The band will take a short hiatus in the fall of 2009 to catch a collective breath before embarking on their fourth project, to be released in late August 2010. This new project will contain more original music from Dave, so keep in touch at Drop us an email and let us know which songs are your favorites!

The band wishes to acknowledge our fans and families for their love and support...Thanks!

Band member details...

Dave Rawlinson...
Dave Rawlinson is an Associate Professor at Central Washington University where he teaches computer network courses. He has a B.A. in Computer Science and a J.D. from South Texas College of Law. He is a member of the State Bar of Texas (inactive) and a voting member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (The Grammys). Dave has been performing music for many years and loves the relationship that exists between his music and his audience. "Without an audience, it's music. With an audience, it's ma


Friday Night

Written By: David R Rawlinson (ASCAP)

I’ve been workin’ like there’s no tomorrow
Gonna get ahead, beg or borrow
I can give as good as I can take
When the week is over, I just can’t fake it

Takin’ care of business, one, two, three
Politics and money, TCB
I don’t care, you know I’m feelin’ right
All I know for sure, its Friday night

Hear the funky rhythm, feel the heat
Last week never happened, dance in the street
I’m just having fun, so let’s dance and sing
You just never know what Friday night will bring

Pretend to be another, a different life
Now you know what’s in it, you pay the price
Feel the music pounding, see the light
Tell the whole damn world it’s Friday night

Just Say When

Written By: David R Rawlinson (ASCAP)

I used to watch as you walked the beach
With your shining hair, soft on the wind
Always thought you were out of reach
With your broken heart never to mend
But I can love you baby, just say when

I was fine living all alone
Fast cars, champagne, and rock and roll
Stay out late, never answer the phone
Then you made me long for a dream of my own
And I can love you baby, down to the bone

I used to think I would cross the sky
With a thousand horses under my heel
But what’s important as life goes by
Is finding out that love can be so real

So baby reach out and touch my hand
Feel my churning heart carry us on the wind
Close your eyes and we’ll walk the sand
And then I’ll take you places you’ve never been
I’m gonna love you baby, just say when

Movin' On

Written By: David R Rawlinson (ASCAP)

I’m gonna run, ‘til there’s nowhere to run
I’m gonna fly, set my eyes on the sky
I’m gonna live, if it means living alone
You’re gonna cry, drop you just like a stone

You don’t know me, no longer your pawn
and when you wake up I’ll be gone
'cause I’m movin’ on

I thought that love just came down from the sky
I looked at you, knew we’d give it a try
But then you changed into something so cold
Now love is stale, like a story retold

You don’t know me, no longer your pawn
and when you wake up I’ll be gone
'cause I’m movin’ on

You never know how much risk you can take
You’ll never feel a rock-bottom heartbreak
I’ll keep on tryin’ to make sense of it all
And never quit, never stop for the fall

You don’t know me, no longer your pawn
and when you wake up I’ll be gone
'cause I’m movin’ on

Baby Run

Written By: David R Rawlinson (ASCAP)

When you smiled at me, so assured, you hung around
Never thought that there was anything to bring you down
Slow and painful, you fell apart
I’m so glad I never lost my heart or had a gun
Baby run
Were you thinking you could get away from all of this?
Try to talk it out, make a move or steal a kiss
But you’re only lying to yourself
So you fooled around with someone else and now it’s done
Baby run

Condescending smile exposed
You can’t fool someone who knows

When you hear this song you’ll probably think you scored again
Doesn’t matter if I hurt as long as you can win
Honey better keep yourself in bed
Just a little slip will find you dead, there goes the fun
Baby run

Midnight Dance

Written By: David R Rawlinson (ASCAP)

When I saw you walking down the street
In your little black dress and your conceit
You were skipping to your favorite song
Nailed the melody, but something’s wrong

Instead of asking for a handout babe,
Should be lost in the groove
Don’t need an advance on circumstance
Midnight Dance

Now I wonder, were you royalty?
Trying to regain your sanity
Maybe you were running out of time
Found yourself in the fix, can’t pay the fine

Still you’re waiting for a hand up, girl
Can you make it alone?
Walk on the floor, give them a chance
Midnight Dance

Maybe luck will come around again
Baby you’ll be fine, you know you’ll win
In the interim you’ll pay the price
Only measure once for paradise

Soon the lights are gonna start the show
You’ll be out on your own
Take to the floor, give them that glance
Midnight Dance

Boomer Rock

Written By: David R Rawlinson (ASCAP)

Lights, start walking in
Stage, can’t hear for the din
Someone hands me a glass,
Full to the brim
Look around and he’s there,
Knocking those rims

Long ago, hung up my axe
Learned to hate email and fax
Let my dreams fall away,
Lost in a well
Started raising kids,
not raising hell

So, five days a week, I pay my dues
Keep ahead of the game, plenty to lose
Now, it’s Friday night,
look at the clock,
crowd is so right,
we’re Boomer Rock!

You and I share a dream
Now’s the time to make a scene
Wipe the dust off your axe,
Go change the strings
Spend some money on yourself,
And buy her some bling

Angel You, Angel Mine

Written By: Music by David R Rawlinson, Lyrics by Deb Caletti

The moon is hanging pale, in a velvet sky
Just a slow, gentle night
I watch you as you sleep, and
Everything feels right
Angel you, angel mine

In your dreams, I wonder if you’re laughing now
Close my eyes, I’m with you
Laughing there, together

Your eyes are sweet and still
Your breath comes like the tide
Tenderly, oh so fine
Belonging to the stars,
Belonging to the light
Angel you, angel mine

In your dreams, I wonder if you’re laughing now
Close my eyes, I’m with you
Laughing there, together

The moon is hanging pale,
In a velvet sky
Angel you, angel mine
Angel you angel mine


"When She's Around" - Produced by David Rawlinson and Robert Lupton, engineered and mastered at Cascade Productions, Cle Elum, WA, available at CD Baby (, iTunes Store, Bi-Mart, Super 1, The Clymer Museum, The Ellensburg Washington Chamber of Commerce Office and Jerrol's, Ellensburg, WA.).

"Movin' On" - Produced by Boomer Rock Productions LLC, Engineered and Mastered at Cascade Productions, Cle Elum, WA. Available digitally on iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, Verizon Wireless and others. Compact Disc available at

"Workin' Man" - Produced by Boomer Rock Productions LLC & Cascade Productions, Cle Elum, WA. Mastering by Auricle Mastering, Seattle, WA. Available digitally on iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, Verizon Wireless and others. Compact Disc available at

Set List

Our set list includes all of our original music in the "Boomer Rock" style, plus our country and western originals and classics. Numerous covers from artists like Jimmy Buffet, Toby Keith, Johnny Cash, Van Morrison, Roy Orbison, Chris Isaak, ZZ Top, BTO and The Eagles.

A few of our cover tunes:

When I Think About Elvis
Navajo Rug
Brown Eyed Girl
Don't Touch My Hat
Pretty Woman
Peaceful Easy Feeling
Takin' Care of Business
Fool For Your Stockings
Mustang Sally
Wicked Game
Some Girls Do
and others...

Our originals include:

I Never Get Hurt (Unless She's Around)
Broke Down Boots
Don't Have to Worry About That
Can It Be
My Workin' Man (sung by Alexandra Rawlinson and featured on the CD "When She's Around")
Love You Baby
Workin' Man (sung by Dave and featured on the "Workin' Man" CD)
Choo Choo Baby
Together Soon
Love in the Sky
The Long Goodbye
Shut You Down
Slow River
A Dance Undone
Pearl Street Woman
Rainy Night Kiss
Just S