FDH2O ( face down in high water )
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FDH2O ( face down in high water )

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The best kept secret in music


Little did we all know the next band was intent on ripping the entire bar apart!

When FDH2o came out with drums and bass and guitar blazing, and the singer screaming like a mad man while wearing a ski mask...well, you get the idea. Face Down has been around a while, and is one of the best kept secrets in this town.

For the next 45 minutes, everyone was arded by the infectious grooves of FACE DOWN. The highest-energy show for sure of this event so far, they featured all-originals and really communicated great with the audience.

By the time their set was over (ending in a reggea-style crowd pleaser) it was very clear the rest of the bands in the next 2 weeks better get back in the woodshed! - Diecaster Studios' Trevor Hustor

FDH2O. Or Face Down In High Water occupied the middle slot for Battle 4. Hard rock/metal? Not sure. They reminded me of Judas Priest punching out Coal Chamber. But what the hell do I know?

Here's where the soundman's "1 Mix Fits All" method works. Lots of energy and distortion! AAHHH. Reminds me of my youth! Once again this band has a style which they were true to. I see from the PlayErie Calendar that this band plays alot.....and it shows. You can't get a sound this polished just by rehearsing. You gotta' slug it out live. Very strong performance.
- Rick DiBello

"Face Down in High Water absolutely blew the doors off owner, Joel's, 31st Street Pub with straight-up high energy rock 'n' roll."

(FDH2O beat out 6 other bands and got the first for the night. FDH2O would continue on to the Emergenza Semi-Finals at Mr. Small's Theatre in Pittsburgh, PA.) - G. Clef, Emergenza Magazine (1-2-05)


Live at Forward Hall


Feeling a bit camera shy


Face Down in High Water (fdh2o) spawned during the summer of 2001 in smalltown USA, Corry, PA. Within four years of continuous venues, fdh2o has developed a powerful stage presence. Emulating an energy that draws in unsuspecting audience members and gives satisfaction their fans crave. Since their inception their momentum has been progressively increasing. Always rising to the occasion and then some.
Recently, fdh2o stepped in for Blue Oyster Cult at
a concert in Sherman NY. Due to the remnants of
Hurricane Ivan, Blue Oyster Cult canceled. Going on
stage for nearly 7 hours fdh2o drew the retreating
crowd back. In a brilliant move, fdh2o relentlessly
ROCKED the BOC people into fdh2o fans, helping save the promoter, KC Productions, from complete implosion.
Since then, fdh2o has emerged as a formidable sound. Taking first place in their round for the Emergenza Festival prelims at the 31st Street Pub in January 2005. As the owner of the pub, Carl Greenfield said... "They just blew the doors off me, with their straight ahead rock and roll." In March 2005, they placed 3rd in the Emergenza semi-finals held at Mr. Small's Theatre in Pittsburgh, PA.
This placed them as heavy contenders for a wild card slot for the finals in May 2005.
fdh2o has been sponsored by the Molson Brewing Company USA; sponsering a summer festival in their hometown every August which fdh2o is an integral part.
Their gigs in PA, NY and on the East Coast all the way to Florida are a sight to be heard and seen. Keep an eye out for them over the spring break and summer in those locations.
fdh2o has a plethora of musical influences ranging
from classical music, rock and funk to reggae / ska and hard rock, giving them a "...can't quite put your fingers on it." sound. With well over 100 songs in their repertoire of originals and covers you might as well throw away your iPod.