New York City, New York, USA

[Fe] is the symbol for Iron and Life. It is everything Heavy and Light. It is Intelligent, and it is Pop. Together, Langfelder and Fey have created the Intelligent Pop duo, commanding the stage with soaring vocals and arena swagger. The music of [Fe] is as electric as the performances.


In early 2011, classically trained vocalist and performance artist, Jacob Langfelder, teamed with classically trained hipster and visual artist, Kevin Fey to create the Intelligent Pop duo [Fe]. In a matter of weeks, they were on electrifying the NYC DJ scene as well as intimate audiences with pop up shows in Art Galleries, Clubs, and NYC's Gay Pride 2011.

Using the the live shows to develop and explore the electricity of their songwriting, [Fe] has hand-picked a few audience favorites to release on their upcoming EP THE PRESSURE.

They will be touring the US this fall to support the new release.


Sun Get in Your Eyes

Written By: Langfelder

Putting out all the feelers.
Putting them all in place.
I'm needing to be with someone.
I need you to be erased.
How do you pack these feelings?
The baggage weighs a ton.
Can you please take me home now?
Tell me I'm the one.

This is me a real life passion.
This is me, the holy grail.
This is me, our chance to fail.
This is me, the final movement.
This is me, I wrote the score.
This is me, I'm always wanting more.

Don't Let the Sun Get in Your Eyes


The Pressure (September 2011)