Feared Alive

Feared Alive

 Tacoma, Washington, USA

We are the Northwest's newest sound. We stand apart from anything you might here on the radio today. Our songs are fresh, original and will have the fans waking up with them in their heads in the middle of the night. We stick with you!


Alive & Critical! That is our war cry. The name is as important as the music we create. This play on words symbolizes the human tendency that causes most people to merely exist but not live. It also portrays that we are a force to be reckoned with. Micheal Herrington started Feared Alive in 2002. In hopes to get his demo recorded, he collaborated with an art school student who was looking to trade studio time for the actual project for her final. The two hit it off and soon found a drummer and Feared Alive "The Band" was born as a trio. Time passed and things degenerated and after only recording one album, "Winter's Tale", Feared Alive had dis-banded. Jump forward to August of 2007. The self taught singer songwriter and guitar player Micheal Herrington had written throughout this entire dry season and was now approached with an opportunity to open for MXPX at a charity event scheduled for fall of 07 so he called up his friend Patrick Braae and brought over a bassist, Derek to begin rehearsal for what they believed would only be one show. Another Murphy's law moment and the event was canceled yet even though Derek had left, Micheal and Patrick sensed that there was more to this band then they had actually thought. It sounded right, it felt right, it flowed like it hadn't ever flowed before and for the first time, Micheal had a brother in arms. Patrick was and is just as committed to Feared Alive as it's creator. With a lot of tenacity, perseverance & 5 bassist later, Feared Alive is gaining momentum and turning heads in the Puget Sound. All three musicians are self taught and show the influences of artists such as, Billy Corgan, Matthew Bellamy, Alex Van Halen, Rivers Cuomo and the like. We have a unique sound all our own and take pride in being quirky and strange. We appreciate all genres of music and it shows. Take a listen to some Feared Alive and we know you will come back for more.


You can hear some of our material online at www.myspace.com/fearedalive or see us in action on www.youtube.com/fearedalive but we don't currently have our album recorded yet. Soon, very soon!

Set List

Slowly Burning Thread
Ocean Manifesto
Carryon As Carrion
Busted 49
Long Is The Way
Stepping Stone
Devils In The Details
Aurora Borealis