Fear Not!!!!

Fear Not!!!!


We are a straight up Christian Metal/Thrash/Hardcore band with one purpose and one heart and that is to reach the Lost everywhere we go and to show everyone its fun to be a Christian.We are a 5 piece band that is equipped with alot of talent and very diverse.


We Started Fear Not in Febuary of 2005 and began with just me Cory, And Josh the Vocalist, we both discussed Drummer options and auditioned a few, and Joshes Brother in law, Terry, was the man for the Job. He is an incredibly talented drummer and is a keeper of time. We than asked Logan to be our bass player he was and still is the bass player on the Genesis youth group praise and worship team and is an incredible talent on bass and Guitar.I cory have been playing Guitar for 23 years and have influences from Kerry King and Anthrax and old Mettalica and Pantera and Megadeth and love metal all around .our music is Christian and we refuse to beat around the bush we feel time is running out and wanna take this Fear Not experience to the masses.Josh and Terry were both in a band called Death Toll Odometer and both felt it didnt prosper and so left and than got saved and now Josh is on fire and writting powerful lyrics that minister life and power to every listener.We feel the annointing of God is on us to do what we are doing and we wanna just bring it.Kevin wilson is the newest member of Fear Not and as a youth pastor he is excited as well to bring this we are a band with vision and are ready.i believe we are set apart form other bands because we first of all check any egos that any of us may have at the door and we all have a sence of humor and know how to have fun with our audience and the diversity in our ages and ability to work together as a team in spite of it.we feel the energy will be huge at everyone of our shows and has been we avaerage 175+ attendees at each show we have done.and the mosh pit has been awesome.Fear Not Playing all over the world is an inevitable occurance in our eyes and we would take it very seriously and consider it to be an honor and a privelige.God Bless!!!!!


Seek Him

Written By: Josh Loeffler

I Believe x3
In His love
I Believe x3
With My faith
I Believe x3
In His Love
I Believe x3

Look up,Seek Him
Seeking,His love.

He Dont run
He dont hide
He dont need an alibi

Praise Him
Praise Him.

We Need to throw
the world aside
lay our sins
down before Him.

Praise Him
Praise Him

His Door is always open
Patient and He wants you to seek Him

Facing all of my fears
waling right next to Him
Seeking Him
Seeking Him!!!

Laced Identity

Written By: Josh Loeffler

Courage shows, on those who forgive.Sheds years of whitened noise off let it roll off your back solved.Dont get stuck with the same old things,move on through hang ups of sin lets begin and move on.

Turn the light on.
Turn the light on.

I have a closet, filled with memories
pictures, tapes, collections
all my personal things.
my possesions stacked up.
from A to Z
I realize I cant bring a thing with me.

Take this,youll never bring me down
Take this your never bringing me down
My Life,Protected by the MESSIAH!!
Take this,your never binging me down

Send a cry out to all of man kind.
Shout,shine your light in darkness.
The path will hit a split soon.
Potential lies up within
every heart,how.
Dont question it or ponder how we can make a hard heart soft.
Turn the light on,Turn the light on.

Stand up tall, holding all your ground,you will notice things trying to make you fall,A courageous heart lies deep within us,we will not break,we will stay strong.

Take this,youll never bring me down
Take this, youre never bringing me down
My life,Protected by the MESSIAH!!
Take this,Your never bringing me down.

Shine,Shine,Turn on the light x4

A Laced Identity CAN grant you freedom!!x4

turn the light on,Turn the light on.

The Futures looking bright as whitened coals,The fires ablaze in my excited soul.A contagious feul has overtaken me.I want to sow,I just want to speak.

Take this,Youll never bring me down.
Take this,your never bringing me down.
My life,Protected by the MESSIAH!!!
Take this your never bringing me down.

Youll never bring me down!!!!


We are in the process of recording our first Ep that we will have ready in time for cornerstone with at least 8 tracks on it.6 songs are complete and we are working currently on 3 more.we have 3 songs on our myspace.www.myspace.com/fearnot

Set List

we play 6 songs right now and our set time is 35 minutes and will increase very soon.Here is our list.

1)Laced Identity
2)Seek Him
4)The Antidote
5)The Warriors

This is all original music!!!