Fear Of City

Fear Of City


Chevelle, Tool, Helmet, Pantera and Mudvayne all got into a huge bus accident and some how melded together to form one band.. that band.... FEAR...OF....CITY!!!!


Fear Of City formed in late 2006, 4 guys drawn by a love of metal, performing, and a desire to create something new and unseen in the local music scene. Fear Of City brings a high energy show with mild theatrical elements. Inspired from genres from grunge to death metal, Fear Of City creates a sound unlike any other and is Canadian metal at its finest.


Singles -
Karma (on your knees), Casket Season. 2010

Full Length Album -
Slow Motion Suicide. 2009
Album is for sale on itunes and cdbaby

Set List

Trickle Skin
Queen Of Smack
Shotgun Delivery
Child Interupted
One More Judas
Karma (on your knees)
Casket Season
Felon Election
Virginia Falls
Killing In The Name Of (cover)