Fear Of Man

Fear Of Man

 Lusby, Maryland, USA

Our music is a mix of melodic pop hooks set against a backdrop of alternative chord voicings and rock rhythms. The vocal melodies reflect the singer's European and Middle Eastern roots while staying true to the pop/rock sensibilities of modern alternative radio.


Guitarist Benjamin Morrow and Singer Fash Amin met during the summer of 1984. After recording a few demo tracks the two went off to pursue other possibilities. During the fall of 1986 Benjamin wrote a song (Pilgrim) that he thought would be perfect for Fash to sing. As if on cue, a call from Fash later that week would inpsire over two decades of music.


Music For Humans Vol. 1-5, 50 original songs representing the best of Fear Of Man.

Online @ www.myspace.com/fearofman featuring a rotation of the best of Fear Of Man + various solo efforts from the band's members.

Set List

Typical set list of 20 - 25 original songs + one or two select covers.