Fear of Men

Fear of Men



Fear of Men was born when Jess (Vocals+ Guitar) had been writing and home recording ambient songs as soundtracks to short films and Daniel (Guitar) attended an exhibition of her work. The two began swapping mixtapes and started a project based on a shared love of melody and an eclectic mix of artists such as Eric's Trip, Grouper, Daniel Johnston, The Pixies and The Chills. The early demos that resulted from this collaboration created the ‘Hanna Shygulla Demos’, released by Sex Is Disgusting in February 2011, before the band’s debut 7”, ‘Ritual Confession’, was released on Italian Beach Babes in August of that year. Before the year’s end the band self-released the ‘Alice Munro Demos’, which featured the acclaimed track ‘Doldrums’, and began recording the tracks ‘Green Sea’ and ‘Born’, which would form their next 7” for London DIY label Sexbeat, released in July 2012. Joining Jess and Daniel in the group are Alex on bass and Mike on drums. A new single, ‘Mosaic, is due for release on 7” in October through the legendary Too Pure label.


Ritual Confession (Italian Beach Babes)
Green Sea (Sexbeat)
Mosaic (Too Pure)

Demo Cassettes:
Hanna Shygulla Demos (Sex Is Disgusting)
Alice Munro Demos (self-release)