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Fear Of None

Port Jefferson, New York, United States

Port Jefferson, New York, United States
Band Metal Rock


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Well here comes the fun part again, being a fan of the above listed influences, I was looking forward to hearing their music.
From the first song I listened to ( Homeward Bound ), I could hear the music and vocals hinting at their influences, but in a new way, almost combining the influences into one, instead of sounding like one of the bands, and that lead to something completely new for me.
The instrumentals on the song were awesomely done, with nice break downs for the more hardcore parts in the song, and the vocals suit it perfectly, with the vocals ranging from a more emotional style singing, to a deep scream for the heavier parts.
I felt the screaming fitted in really well with the instrumental sounds that were being layed down, and the more I listened to it something just became clearer and clearer – I could just imagine them at a live show, seeing the crowd scream with the music, jumping around. Awesome. \m/
Now onto the third song I listened to ( Holding On ), this song wasn’t as heavy as the other songs that I listened to before, but I could feel the Killswitch Engage influence in it, it came across with an insanely emotional feel to it, much like the earlier Killswitch Engage work, when Jesse was the vocalist. Hmmm the fourth song ( Volition ) was one of the heaviest songs I listened to, with heavy break downs and screaming for those parts, and then going into a more melodic chorus, much like All That Remains does. And then right that back into the heavier part, this would be perfect for a metal crowd, with people moshing and then stopping for a breather only to sing the melodic part, and then get back into the mosh for the heavier parts, I know I’d go insane. \m/
The last song I listened to ( Where Does It Lie ), was actually heavier than the previous song, the guitars were faster, the break downs heavier, and the screams were deeper, and sometimes the screams went into a more high pitched scream much like the screams in the Death Metal genre.
The song was constructed brilliantly, and I had to listen to it quite a few times, just because it was that awesome \m/. After about 1:30 of what I would call a ‘moshers-paradise’ , the song has a little chill session, only to end in a really long scream that builds you up for more of the heavy screaming, that then gets followed by some normal vocals, and then some more screaming, I’m sure the Killswitch Engage fans, will feel right at home here. As the song comes to an end, you really just want to listen to it again… and again… and again…

Well I don’t really know what to say, this band blew me away, not only was I impressed, but I am now looking forward to hearing all their new stuff, the elements that they took from their various influences were masterfully crafted into something out of this world.
For those of you that like your metal heavy, and the vocals overpowering – then this is definitely for you. With sufficient moshing material for the ‘pit fiends’, and some awesome guitar work to keep the instrumental enthusiasts occupied, it should leave metal fans satisfied, and with a smile on their faces like Prawns stuffed on catfood .
I highly recommend this band, if you enjoy this type of music, and I also need to recommend that last song ( Where Does It Lie ), it was amazing.
Well from my highly satisfied point of view.
I give Fear of None, 4.5 / 5 horns \m/.
Well done Gents looking forward to more.

Also if you are interested in hearing the band or following them, take a look at the following sites:

Band Website: www.fearofnone.com
Myspace site: www.myspace.com/fearofnone
Reverb Nation site: www.reverbnation.com/fearofnone
Twitter site: www.twitter.com/fearofnone

- http://www.headbangtoday.com/v2/2009/11/fear-of-none-review/


We have released our first independent EP called Homeward Bound in October of 09 we are currently supporting the record with regional touring and in store appearences at Hot Topic, you can also find it in all digital distributors.



Fear of None is a metal band from Long Island NY with its roots deeply created in the Long Island Metal scene. We are the remains of 2 bands from the late 90's MPD and Talon. Larry on lead vocals and Paul on lead guitar hooked up as a side project after taking classes at suffolk community college. The core of the songwriting team was born, since then there have been some great shows and great times had all over Longisland and NYC . We have made many friends in the scene and are proud to call Long Island our home. We have a very catchy brand of american Metal that takes its influences from great bands like Metallica, Killswitch Engage, and all that remains. We have put our own mark on that genre, and are looking to get our music our to the masses in 2009. We have started off 2009 with a bang doing lots of press and welcoming some new members to the fold. Matt Ward is on Drums and Jim Avelli on bass have rounded out what is sure to be Fear of None's stongest linup to date. We are looking to drop our first full length release in the months to come, and do some regional touring in support of the record and get our music out to a greater audience so hopefully we will be hitting a town near you soon. Keep it Metal