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Fear The Days

Sacramento, California, United States

Sacramento, California, United States
Band Rock Alternative


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"Town Pump Review w/The Frank Hannon Band"

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Yes, I know I haven't done an official review in a while, not for lack of great shows, but more the holiday humbug! I do however feel it is my duty to thank everyone who came out to this Saturday's show featuring Sac's best, The Frank Hannon Band and Fear The Days. For only $7, Yuba City got to witness one of the best shows ever to come to Yuba City, in an extremely intimate setting. There really are no words to describe the feeling I get when the audience is huddled up against the stage, singing along and moving freely about the cabin. All too often, people get shy about rushing the stage and stick to their bar stool as if it were assigned to them. Not this time.
Kicking the show into motion was none other than Fear The Days. Bum rushing the already eager crowd with nothing less than a stellar hour and a half set, the night was definately off to a great start. With a half capacity turnout an hour before the show even started, it was obvious that the love would be shown to these two bands and that of course, they would deliver it right back. Packed with well crafted originals, an amazing drum solo, a tribute to the national anthem (better than Jimi's), a 20 minute Zeppelin medley, and uncompromising band chemistry, Fear The Days offered the most you could EVER expect from an opening act. EVER!
And who would expect anything less from a performer like Frank Hannon? This dude has toured the world with his band, TESLA, sold millions of CD's, blah blah, radio success, blah, etc. and still comes to Yuba City to rock the fuck out and get a sore arm from shaking so many hands of appreciative fans who just so happen to live in the "crevice" of the world. Pretty cool in my book. Aside from being an exceptional guitar player, Frank Hannon was very down to earth with his audience, taking pictures with his fans whenever they would stop him and taking the time to say hello to everyone personally.
The set was a mix of originals from his new CD, instrumentals, cover songs by artists such as Hendrix, Stones, etc. and a few of the songs that made TESLA famous. I must admit, it was awesome to see the entire crowd, with hands in the air, singing along to "Love Song" (TESLA's biggest hit off of "The Great Radio Controversy"). I had chills when I thought to myself how lucky I was to be doing a show like this at The Town Pump. I wish we could do shows like this all the time. Unfortunately, there are still people that get offended at the thought of paying a cover charge, no matter who is playing on the stage. If Elvis came back to life and did a show at the Pump there would still be a select few who would cry about having to pay the performer. There would also be a good number of the area's musicians who would miss the show as well because their band wasn't opening the show.
Though we do have some great local bands that play here, it is the lack of support and the public's personal attachment to their $5 that keeps us from having more shows like this one at the Pump. Oh well, maybe when The Martian Puppits gets signed and someday comes back and plays a show at The Town Pump (and you know they would), Yuba City will finally get it's place on the map. Just don't ask me if I can get you in for free, I won't be working. I'll be showing my fuckin' support for local music and you should too, tightwad.

Jay 12/18/05

- Jay @ The Town Pump


2003 - "You Should've Known" - 98Rock Sac Rocks Volume 10 Compilation CD.
2003-2006 - Sacramento's 98Rock Radio Airplay - Various FTD Tracks.
2005 - "Right Side" Fuel My Pain Compilation CD(Coming Fall, 2005) and Internet Radio Airplay.
2005 - Band Radio Streaming Radio Live.
2005 - Streetblast Internet Radio
2005 - Feminine Groove Internet Radio
2006 - Various Internet Radio Sites



FEAR THE DAYS is one of the hottest new bands to emerge from California's capitol city of Sacramento. The band features former Eureka/Polygram artist, Cortney DeAugustine on lead vocals AND drums, popular guitarist and Sacramento music community leader, Michael Ragusa on guitars, along with the the new addition of bassman Brad Lang pumping out low end and vocals. This band serves up a mean brew of incredibly raw and powerful “in your face” rock that stems from the roots and influences of bad ass rockers such as Guns'N'Roses, Stone Temple Pilots, Alice In Chains, Zeppelin and more....

Fear The Days has toured with several national acts throughout the western region of the United States with bands such as Y&T, LA Guns, The Frank Hannon Band, George Lynch, ASIA, Pat Travers, Krokus, King's X, and more. The band has also been featured on Sacramento's 98Rock along with numerous spins on internet radio, myspace, and multiple features in Newspapers and rags throughout Northern California.

Fear The Days continues to write, record, and ROCK as they prepare for upcoming fall dates and much more at a town near you!