Fear the Fiasco

Fear the Fiasco

 Santa Rosa, California, USA

Endorsed by EMG Pickups, Fear the Fiasco is a progressive and eclectic band with hints of metal, rock, pop, and hardcore... (though we dabble in any genre). A merger of Heavy Screams and Melodic Vocals.


Fear the Fiasco is a mutt... they do not label themsevles in a single genre. They are the product of multiple genres coming together. Influences range from the Heaviness of Sepultra or Mastodon, to the chaos of Mars Volta or Fall of Troy, to the Pop of the Beatles or Foo Fighters.


Gator Wrestling in Canadia - 6 song EP - 2009
Hatch - full length recording - 2011

Set List

approx. 70 min of material.
The Con Artist, Scracatow, A Crutch, Iron Jah, Deja Vu, I, of the Storm, Beneath Sand, Brail, Summon your Demons, SOS, Forgetting the Face.