Fear The Masses
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Fear The Masses

New Haven, Connecticut, United States

New Haven, Connecticut, United States
Rock Hip Hop


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"Fear The Masses - Rise - CD Review"

Out of New Haven, Connecticut comes a band unlike any other in the state. One that melds metal, and rock with rap and rolled nicely into politically motivated music with a message.

Founded in April 2011, relative new comers to the scene, Fear the Masses (influenced by bands ranging from Rage Against the Machine, Deftones, (hed) p.e., and others), have made an impact with a strong and loyal fan base. Their first foray, self titled LP, “Fear The Masses” was released in February 18th, 2012 and is an amazing album that found it’s way “stuck” in my CD player for months.

Now, Fear The Masses returns with a follow up that is similarly addictive, powerful, and an all around great album.


Scheduled for release September 7th 2013, RISE is a 7 song E.P. of epic goodness.

It begins with a remix of “Make Me Your Leader” originally found on the Self Titled album. This version is far more punchy and tight and it sets up the album to be not only an enjoyable experience, but one that almost seems familiar in a way.

“Behind Your Wall” – Quick vocals backed by lighter guitars and a hip-hop beat punch right into hard hitting crunch and aggro vocals right around the 50 second mark; the song then goes back and forth between the two featuring catchy guitars that move the song along quickly.

“Censor This” – Censor me, now break free… as this song rips through sounding like something from Saliva, it captures concepts of censorship and sprinkles in tidbits of “spoken parts” which shine and create a sense of meaning beyond the music.

“Rise” – Not just the title track, but an Anthem that is easily memorable, and catchy enough to have you singing along. Reminiscent of early Sevendust or Taproot, the track is hard hitting and fast paced yet melodic and groovy. This track will be easily identifiable as a standout track among the others, even though there is no track that is lacking throughout the E.P.

“Protector” - It begins as most of the other tracks with crunchy riffs and screaming vocals and then… it changes… dramatically. Evolved into what can only be described as a ska/reggae influenced track, Protector is a nice break away from the rest of the album and shows a different side of the band while maintaining their overall sound and message. Reminiscent of Skindred as the track bounces between the reggae influence into metal.

“Revolutionist” – Groovy beginnings lead into a track that could have easily come from an early Limp Bizkit album. That is not to knock Fear the Masses, just that the track is heavily influenced by hip hop styled lyrics and combines nicely with the metal, which again is very similar to Saliva. It makes Rap/Rock relevant decades from when the movement began.

“Vigilante” – It’s not about wearing flashy costumes… it’s about punchy guitars, heavy handed beats, a tight band, hip hop, rock, and metal. A candid track regarding justice, leading you to want to stand out and throw down as the songs rips into Rage Against the Machine like instrumentation that is the very essence of the band. A great ending track that much like it started brings it full force around again.

My only gripe in regards to the album is that it is too short. Or at least it feels like it. By the time you get going, it’s over, making me only want more. This is certainly a good problem for any band, and results in multiple listens… like a months worth (and counting).

At the end of the day, RISE is a great record filled to the brim with everything that makes Fear the Masses awesome. Hip hop blended rock and metal with a sincere politically charged message. Lemme see your fist in the air, Rise up and go out and get this album when it hits, you won’t be disappointed!

Vocals – Josh
Guitar – Doug
Bass – Chris
Drums – Mike

Fear The Masses band

About knob:
Born in North Dakota, raised in Danbury, CT with a few stops in between. I am a lover of music and it is the only constant I have had in my life. After Graduating Connecticut School of Broadcasting in 2005, Aaron Howard and I went to work on Neil N Bob's untold story CD. Upon it's completion, we felt it was a product we should try and capitalize on. When that didn't pan out we began FN Radio.

http://officialfnradio.com - OFNR


Still working on that hot first release.



Fear the Masses is a politically and socially driven band based out of the New Haven area of CT. Using hardcore and metal grooves under a hip-hop and soul vocals the band hopes to convey a message of unrest that has shaped this nation as of late. All the members of the band come from completely different backgrounds not just musically but economically and socially. These differnces allow the group to have a unique sound and point of view that gets the crowd going each and every show. Fear the Masses (F.T.M.) drawes comperisons to Rage Against the Machine, hed p.e., and Deftones all of which are only part of the experience that Fear the Masses brings to their live show. Lately the band has openned for national acts including Nonpoint, Taproot, Hed p.e., Drowning Pool, Flyleaf, Eye Empire, Three Years Hollow, and Mushroomhead to name a few and looking to start touring outside of the New England area.

Musical Backgrounds:
Josh: I am the vocalist in Fear the Masses and I suppose current manager. I have been singing for well over 20 years along with writing my own music for 15 of those years. I started in more of a gospel and R & B setting, but as I grew as a musician I became involved in hip-hop, then really into hard rock and metal; though my roots are in jazz and my music theory background. In F.T.M. I write all of the lyrics and vocal patterns. I am influenced by the world around me and the people that have to live in this world. I speak on things on a social and political level and keep my personal life and opinions out of my lyrics as much as possible.

Mike: As the Drummer I am responsible for all of the drum licks in the music. My favorite drummers are Neil Pert, Keith Moon, Carter Beauford, Buddy Ritch. My style resembles that of Rage, Incubus, Blink 182. I have been playing since I was 6 being classically trained in Jazz, Concert and Marching

Chris: As the bassist I am responsible for writing all the bass lines in our music. My main playing style influence is ska which is why the bass lines in a lot of our music have that walking feel to it. Favorite bands are Kaiser’s orchestra, Reel Big Fish, Tauristas. I started playing standup bass then moved to electric bass later on.

Doug: The guitar player I am well versed in guitar and different styles which influences the way I play. As I write all the guitar lines for F.T.M. I use all of my years of experience in order to create the sound that helps make us unique. I would say I am highly influenced by metal, the blues, jazz and acoustic music, which each has its own great qualities, but when used together makes my personal style which I apply to every song I help compose for Fear the Masses.

Fear the Masses is currently coming off the release of their first full-length, self-titled LP this past winter. After being recognized in a few battle of the bands F.T.M. is looking to expand and play more shows in order to help get the music out to the people. The band is also constantly writing new material in order to make every live performance its own unique experience for the fans.

"Fear The Masses (FTM) is a band with a loud message. With a no bs Delivery and high energy ‘pump up your adrenaline’ guitar riffs FTM's live show demands your attention and succeeds every time." - Ian Cunningham (Bar and Nightlife promoter)