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Fear The State @ Fear The State @ Myspace.com

REVIEW Myspace.com/fearthestate for our dates, Connecticut, USA

REVIEW Myspace.com/fearthestate for our dates, Connecticut, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



with Trinity Lost

Fear the state is back and at it again!
Their latest album,"Against The Ropes", will be officially released on December 18th, at the Free CD Release Party at Up or on the Rocks in Hartford, CT. Sponsored by Coors Light, the party will be filled with prizes, drink specials, and for the first fifty people through the door, a FREE COPY of "Against the Ropes." For those of you who are fans, but not in the area, Fear the State is taking pre-orders for the album. $10 for the cd, PLUS you get a free t-shirt! What more could you ask for? After listening to Fear the State's previous collections, "Live at CBGB" and "Trust nothing", I wasn't surprised that "Against The Ropes" turned out so superb. With songs like "Independence Day", "Feed Off the Strife", and "Heard Her Sing", they prove that they will always come harder, faster, stronger, and definitely LOUDER. Every track is intense, including bass player, Jeff Sobon's proclaimed (2nd) favorite, "Afterglow", which seems like it would be the song they would use to let the crowd THINK that it's time to mellow down by playing a softer, island-feel verse,(imagine 3-11's "Amber"), but goes right back into Fear the State Territory, without missing a beat. No matter the song, the band is woven together tighter than a Tarahumara Indian basket. This is especially evident in "The Distance" and "Never Say Fail". Still, Forgiven is my all-time favorite FTS composition, and the new version is even more amazing than I could have hoped for. Fans could not possibly be disappointed. In fact, this album is so remarkably put together, that I believe their fan base may just quadruple in size before the holiday hits! And why not? They deserve it. The Audio Hotel, Fear the States recording grounds, has been tortured by screaming sound waves and is probably still throbbing from Dizm's magnificent drum set, but the quality it produced is worth it all. To this day, I have not yet come across an independent rock band that has that real professional sound, like Fear the State has, and I am swamped daily by new talent. These guys are headed all the way to the top, and I'm proud to have been invited into their lives for these reviews. Please visit fearthestate.com for details on how to order "Against the Ropes", or you can preview some of the tracks at myspace.com/fearthestate. Also check out youtube.com for live performances. Thank you to Marc Amendola, Neal Nereo, Jeff Sobon, and Jim Dizm for letting me come into your world. You all have all done a spectacular job on this album!

Trinity Lost - Damngoodtunes.com

Fear The State in SKOPE Magazine - Correct Link to Article Included

Fear The State
But Don't' Fear Their Music
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New Haven Rocks
By Brett S. Harrison

I caught up with Fear the State's Marc Amendola back in September. I'm finding out in this business, most people don't quite match their image. Amendola's no different. Most of the pictures I've seen him show a scowling heavy metal badass with a blonde Mohawk and a major tude. But talking to him he sounded more like a cheerful businessman trying to drum up some interest for his latest product. Which he basically is.

Founded in New Haven 4 years ago, Fear the State has been trudging down the dues paying road like so many bands before them. Last year they released their first full length CD, Trust Nothing. Unlike many debut discs by unsigned bands, the sound quality is superb. None of this wondering if there's something wrong with your stereo. It sounds like a major label recording.

There's a good reason for the fine quality. Amendola owns the studio where it was recorded, The Audio Hotel.

"The attitude behind that record was, we're a new band. I wanted to get the band in and do it old school. That was the avenue we went after. I've always been interested in music and recording. With bands like Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, the performance was always more important."

Godsmack must have liked something about Fear the State's approach, because they asked the hard rockin' quartet to open for them at the Chevy theater in Wallingford, Connecticut last June. - Skope Magazine

I think FTS are from Connecticut and if not, they definitely have a New England sound to them. If you read my review of the Gameface sampler, then this band should sound familiar. The track Tragedies from that sampler is here along with stronger cuts like Losing My Voice, which has a chorus that sticks in your head (in a good way) and Stranded which is another solid track. Despite the somewhat thin production, the band has a nice crunchy sound and I'd like to hear more from them in the future. In the mean time, go to their website and check them out. www.fearthestate.com
By: Samuel Adams

This is a free sampler I'm guessing is available in the New England area through Game Face Paintball. It's billed as "brand new tracks from 8 up and coming new artists" however, I count 9 tracks which means one of these is not a new artist or they're not up and coming. Since it's only 9 tracks- here's the play by play: Dead By Wednesday will obviously be voting Democrat in the upcoming election with their anti-Bush rant that musically brought to mind Nullset. Fear The State does have one of the better tracks on here. King's Of Reality are metal with hip hop overtones. Kai Blackwood & The Tokyo Death Squad do a song that would've sounded good on Faith No More's "King For A Day…" album Symphony Of Sickness obviously own a Carcass record or two are death core with cool sounding vocals. Q will appeal to fans of Kittie. Intricate Unit are low budget industrial with poor vocals. Nitro 9 and G-Soul are heavy groove metal. G-Soul, who I've reviewed before for this fine site get the award for best track overall. An average sounding metal sampler but hey, it's free so what the fuck, right ? www.gamefacepaintball.com
By: Samuel Adams
- East Coast Romper

Strigl’s Music News CD Review, September 20th, 2004 (www.striglsmusicnews.com)
Fear The State - "3 Song Demo"
CT/North East United States
Marc - Vocals/Guitar
Neal - Guitar
Jim - Drums
Jeff - Bass
1. Losing My Voice
2. Tragedies
3. Stranded
Marc Amendola, former guitarist of G-Soul, just sent me down a three-song demo by his new band. They are called Fear the State. I have spun it a few times now and I like it. Marc has taken on the added duty of vocals in this new band. The songs sound great. The guitars sound nice and big and Marc's vocals are strong. I remembered him having a really powerful voice when he did backing vocal with G-Soul. He sounds good as a lead singer. The songwriting is strong/solid. Real straight ahead powerful stuff. Big metal riffs mixed with punkish vamps. Nice vocal hooks, radio friendly stuff. Musicianship is on high - great players. This seems like a real good start for Fear The State. I am looking forward to catching these guys live. Nice job. www.fearthestate.com - Review by Mark Strigl
- VH1's Metal Expert - Mark Strigl

FEAR THE STATE "3 Track Sampler"
I was introduced to FEAR THE STATE by a friend of mine, and he suggested that I come to their first gig at the legendary Toad's Place. I went to the show, and was nothing short of impressed. FEAR THE STATE delivers a style of heavy rock that the mainstream is missing! No screaming and no tasteless lyrics. Lead singer and guitarist, Marc Amendola, has roots in the Punk/Pop style of guitar, which truly shows through in his riffs. He hammers out chord after chord of Drop D excitement, but does so with a Punk aggression. Each of the 4 band members has extensive gig/studio experience. Neil (Guitar), Jim (Drums), and Jeff (Bass) are all extremely talented musicians. The songs that I have heard live are incredible; my favorite cut being "Stranded." It really chaps my behind, that a band this good doesn't have a record deal yet! FEAR THE STATE are cutting edge and original. "This might be groundbreaking stuff!"
Review by [The Crimson Man]
- Space Junkies Magazine

Dan Dufour (Dan): First off thanks for giving me the chance to do a follow up interview with you. When we did our last one you were in the underground powerhouse Gargantua Soul. Since then, G-Soul has parted ways which has spawned a few new bands that are all insanely talented, your new band Fear The State, being one of them. First off what spawned the parting of G-Soul? Was there any internal problems or did you all just need a chance to grow on your own?

Marc Amendola (Marc): I think it's a grow on our own thing. I liked playing with G-Soul, but sometimes it's time to get on with what you need to do. We all wanted different things towards the split, so it was time. And it was great while we did it. We had a blast! However, It's now great for me personally. I'm playing in 2 new bands, built the Audio Hotel Recording Studio, and and enjoying it all!

Dan: You were in Gargantua Soul since it's inception. All together you guys were unstoppable. Now that G-Soul has split, with the majority of the members having new bands, does the competition get fierce amongst all you guys or do you all still play nice?

Marc: Well, we are the same people, and so we are still the same way. So nothing really is different. Except we aren't in the same band. And music is not a competition, it's an art form. So, any jealousy or competitiveness of the other should only help us to be better at our art. The guys I used to play with are doing cool things that I can grow from watching as a fan. So, I think it's cool that we are apart like this. I think the fans win also, now there are 5 bands to go see, not just 1.

Dan: You are also in a band called Core-tez, with ex members of Ill Nino and Opus, ex drummer of G-Soul, current drummer of politically charged Dead by Wednesday. Do you see Core-tez as a side project or do you try to devote the equal amount of time to each band? I know being in one band can be stressful enough, do you find it hard to balance them both out and will there be full-length albums for both bands coming soon? What kinda sound does each band have?

Marc: Core-tez is not a side project at all to me. I love working with Roger. We know where each other wants to go musically. So it's nice to have that connection with another musician. All the guys in Core-tez have become my brothers very quickly. They are great people, and I'm excited to be able to play with such great musicians who have great attitudes.

Dan: Fear The State also consists of Jeff on Bass, Dizm on drums, both Ex-members of Lesson, Neal on guitar ex member of 6 Second Crush, and you on lead vocals and guitar. All being part of the East coast scene for a while, you must have all crossed paths here and there. What got you all together and what made it click enough to form a band with each other?

Marc: Ya know...this is wild. I've seen Jeff and Jim out with Lesson and Facing Sideways before. I know those guys were an awesome rhythm section! Always did! One of the best around I thought. And when I wanted to start jamming, I saw they were looking for a singer and a guitarist, but didn't get in touch for some lame reasons. Neal was a guitar student of mine, and I always took an interest in his ideas, his past band, 6 Second Crush, and his attitude towards the music business. So Neal phoned me out of the blue one night and tells me how stoked he is to go jam with Jeff and Jim, and that they were looking for another guitarist and singer. So, I think I just asked if I could come down and hit it with them. They were all down for it, and so we hit it. We came up with Tragedies and Chance to Change that night in Naugatuck at The Band Room, and just kept going after it. Seems to work out well. Each show gets more response, and everyday there is a new person willing to help the band. We were fortunate to have it come together so quickly.

Dan: With a name like Fear The State, people might assume you are a politically motivated band. Is there any truth to that and how did you come up with the name?
Marc: "The State" in Fear The State is NOT associated to the 50 United ones we all know and love. Whatever it means to you, is OK by me. But, what "The State" means to me is the thing that dictates my life instead of me motivating myself and doing my thing. It's also a catch phrase that sounds good, so we went with it after long hours of band name sessions. One better would be "Fear The Muthafuckin State," but then we would be banned from most of our core audience.
Dan: When you were in G-Soul you played guitar and also did some vocal work. What is it like now to be in the lead vocal spot with Fear The State? Is it harder to play and sing all the lyrics or have you just gotten used to it over the years with G-Soul.
Marc: I've done the singing/guitar thing in Spoonfist before G-Soul, so it's nothing new to me. It's a blast doing it. I like to sing and play. It keeps me on the mic all night, and it keeps me on my toes. It's a nice change. I never wanted the front spot, even in Spoonfist. Now I feel I'm ready to do it. So I'm running with it.

Dan: So far you have played a few shows, and I have been lucky enough to catch two of them and I have to say you guys are awesome live. All four of are extremely talented and have the potential to get to and possibly surpass the heights G-Soul has gotten to. How is it like trying to win over a whole new audience after being a part of such a successful band prior to forming Fear The State?

Marc: It's work. But I trust in the music, and I trust that it shows it's coming from the heart and therefore people will respond. And people have been, and in positive ways! We are getting great response on the live tracks on purevolume.com/fearthestate, good reviews from online sites, and we are gaining a nice following in the small amount of shows we have performed.

Dan: Do you think new bands forming out of the G-Soul split up like Fear The State, Dead By Wednesday, Kai Blackwood & The Tokyo Death Squad and Rise of the Om will invigorate the local scene here in Connecticut? And help breathe new life into the east coast music scene while potentially finally helping make the country take notice of music coming out of Connecticut?

Marc: That's a complex question. There are a lot of factors for the outcome of any local music scene. I'm looking for all the answers. I'll clue you in when I get a clue.

Dan: Your drummer is named Dizm. What the hell kind of name is that and is he aware that it rhymes with Jizm? Why don't you all have fucked up names like that. Maybe you can be Sir Yambag The Mighty, Jeff could be called Jack U. Late and Neal could be Harry Busch.... What do you think? The ladies would eat that shit up.

Marc: Folklore has it that Jeff gave him that name a long time ago after finding out that Jim Dizm had the last name of Jizm. So he changed it, legally, so now he is Jim Dizm. And we thought about doing exactly that (with those names) but then decided some interviewer would have to ask us the question, and have one more option to take the conversation away from the music. OH GOD DAMN!!!!!!!!!!

Dan: Smart ass

Dan: All right well thanks for taking the time to sit down, please put your pants back on and wipe your chin. This is the final chance to plug your shit, so don't keep the freaks waiting. Drop the science booooooooooooooooooooooooooy.

Marc: If you want more info check out www.marcamendola.com, www.fearthestate.com, www.core-tez.com. Check out a new FTS track every 2 weeks at www.purevolume.com/fearthestate and also catch me (Marc Amendola) on the Hamer Artist Page at www.hamerguitars.com

- Space Junkies Magazine


2004 3 Song EP released with the help of Squishy Lemon Publishing.

2006 Full Length CD "Trust Nothing" out Now on Squishy Lemon Records.

OMFUG - 2006 CD COMING SOON! in Nov 2006. Includes 4 New Songs and 4 Live tracks From The bands last Performance at The Famous (now Closed) club CBGB's.

December 18, 2008 - Against The Ropes (LP)
Available on iTunes.com

November 3, 2009
Release of "Gangsters and Rockstars" on iTunes.com



Fear The State, known to fans of the band as FTS, have been creating a buzz for their onstage energy and their offstage charisma. FTS is known for making music and making friends in every city they play in. After opening for Korn, Godsmack, RA, Tantric, and Clint Lowery of Korn and Sevendust, and having the FTS songs Stranded and Stumble on ESPN and XGames Programs, FTS has nothing to fear at all. www.FearTheState.com