Seattle, Washington, USA

Founded in the Suquamish Indian Reservation in the early 1980s and became a seminal Seattle grunge band. Soundgarden opened for Feast. Gothy, creepy, loud and disturbing - turned the Seattle music scene on its head with their cover of Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song.


Feast is a rock band. Feast is a rock band that teeters on the edge of cacophony and teases the limits of acceptability, meanwhile, rocking from the crotch.
The two guitar players are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Dan Blossom creates worlds of sounds: some beautiful, some not so, and all of them eerie and mood setting. Reed Hutchison is a master of musicology - a genuine music scholar - that captures and illustrates upon Dan's noises and transforms them into ass grabbing rock music. Rolf and Scott hold down the sound with solid bass and drums - ala Jane's Addiction type rhythms.

Tom Mick is as close to a Robin Zander voice as you can come while still sounding creepy and exciting. Always challenging his abilities and questioning how he can be better, his voice is haunting and his stage presence is massive. Just don't let him hear you compliment him.


Self Released Tape in the early 80s