The Fea Street Hustle

The Fea Street Hustle


Alt-Country/Indie-Folk from Dunedin, New Zealand. Blending alt-country twang, folk balladry, indie-rock aesthetics & great story-telling, 'The Hustle' take you on a journey, from delicate minimalist moments to wall-of-sound sonic meltdown & rollickin high energy. A show of story, style & substance.


If one was to throw Wilco, Sonic Youth, Whiskeytown, Morrisey, The Decemberists, Cash, Springsteen and a few other unspecified randoms into a blender, perhaps the resulting pulp would appear not too dissimilar to The Fea Street Hustle.
But now let’s be honest, how pretentious would a band have to be to claim such a hip and prestigious assortment in their whakapapa? Pretty pretentious I’m sure you agree, so enough of the ‘cool-by-association’ bollocks.

Crawling from the ashes of various musical projects sometime in 2007 the four lads, who now call themselves ‘The Fea Street Hustle’, came together in Dunedin, NZ, with the goal of writing quality songs based on a blend of folk-country balladry, kiwiana-esque story-telling, alternatively infused sonic exploration, and a fun, rollicking high-energy live show. Quickly established as an active, professional, and entertaining draw card on the local scene, The Hustle soon released their self-titled EP and hit the road with a successful summer tour of NZ (including such iconic venues as the ‘Wunderbar’ in Lyttleton, and Wellington’s ‘Bodega’).

Ever itchy-footed, The Hustle relocated to Canada for the latter half of 2008.
“Really!?” you may well ask. Were they ready? Were they successful enough, wealthy enough, and well-known enough after only one short year together to justify an attempt at international stardom? Of course not, but the idea dribbled from a bottle of 15yr-old Glenfiddich single malt one cold, wet, lonely Dunedin night, it seemed good at the time, and no one could think of any real reason why not.

Living on Commercial Drive, Vancouver B.C, The Hustle had a right royal time gigging the likes of The Main on Main, The Princeton in Vancouver’s notorious downtown east-side, and traversing the Rockies, braving winter snow storms, to play the legendary Canmore Hotel (and wrestle its ghosts) deep in the mountains of Alberta. Many of these antics and associated shenanigans chasing their favourite bands around the pacific north-west and frolicking among the fairytale scenery can be seen on their video blog at Tired, broke, and feeling ready to wriggle their toes once again in the golden sands of a kiwi summer The Hustle had also grown tired of hearing “Sorry, the gig you had booked for the last 2 months has been cancelled coz the cops raided the venue last night and it’s been closed down…forever” from local promoters. Thus, bedraggled and weary, they headed for home, having had more fun than you can shake a stick at.

After a brief ‘post-international lethargy’ induced hiatus The Hustle return to the New Zealand scene, once again hitting audiences around the country with their infectious live energy and continuing to develop their unique alt/rock influenced folk-country sounds. Their return was appropriately marked by their backing of the ultra-smooth Hana Fahy and their animated closing set at the ‘Pages From Dunedin’ Album release in Dunedin’s historic Regent Theatre (;, performances still archetypal Hustle but indicating a tighter, more mature and experienced collective than that which departed the shores of Aotearoa some months earlier.

The Hustle have been described by local press as ‘absolutely undeniable’, ‘a revelation in the creative village that is Dunedin’, ‘pure entertainment’, and as possessing ‘formidable song writing talent and musical prowess’. Good golly! But what does The Hustle say when faced with such opinions? Aw, shucks, what can we say? We wouldn’t wanna talk it up now would we? We’ll give the last word to Dave, host of Radio One’s Thursday night Local Show:

"[The] Fea Street Hustle really imprint both their love of the initial country music form and their desire and impressive ability to take it somewhere else, instrumental passages building atmosphere aplenty as the music swells and fades. But the EP’s third song, Abandoned City, really showcases the talent here, the song drifting seemingly in on the breeze, images of desolation and dust, a plaintive electric slide making way for the yearning vocal and restrained drums, the song slowly building to the most beautiful instrumental passage, all loneliness and brooding… [But] while the music is obviously taken seriously, there is certainly a very palpable sense of humour shown too…"

So there be The Hustle experience. Come see us! Say hi after the show, buy our EP (or download it for free somewhere, or just steal it when we’re not looking), buy us a beer, or see if you can persuade us to give you a free one from our rider, book us at your venue, it’s your call, either way, we look forward to it!

The Fea Street Hustle


Self Titled EP

Set List

A standard Fea Street Hustle set ranges from 1.5 to 2 hours.

Abandoned City
Cold River
Coming Home
Sandhills Creek
It's Been Raining
Hallelujah, Child
High Society Woman
Manchester St
Not That Confident
She Rolled in like a Rodeo
South of the River (All the Good Girls)
Te Kooti
The Raceman's Wife
Where You Are

Common People (Pulp)
Cortez the Killer (Neil Young)
I Got Drunk (Uncle Tupelo)
Let it Ride (Ryan Adams)
Lost Highway (Hank Williams)
The Night they Drove Old Dixie Down (The Band)
Wagon Wheel (Old Crow Medicine Show)