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Dublin, Leinster, Ireland | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | INDIE

Dublin, Leinster, Ireland | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2012
Solo Alternative




"Feather Beds - "Airbrushed""

Shoegaze hadn’t found its way into my cochleas in quite some time. When it finally graced my presence once more, it was in the form of Feather Bed’s second song to reach the light of day, and I was not disappointed. In true droned-out fashion, “Airbrushed” will have you lost in your head as a soft, lonely voice leads you onward, accompanied by a lone synthline & muffled kick drum. Marching forward, you almost don’t even notice the gradual buildup in melody & harmonies. Keep an ear out for their first full-length, The Skeletal System, releasing in 2013. - Newdust (USA)

"Feather Beds - "Airbrushed""

Instrumentally assembled like a back era Four Tet track,’Airbrushed’ dances around constantly building toward a release that ultimately never comes. If that was planned in anticipation of the groups coming release than my hats off to them for pitching perfectly. Saturated in amateur coatings of reverb, Feather Beds’ compositions definitely deserve the title experimental, but it really is something so much more. There’s a pretentious proverbial message; ultimately signifying that the artist it trying, in the end, to connect with you on a different level.
- Dingus (USA)

"Feather Beds (Interview)"

Feather Beds is an electronic ambient/noise project by Ireland’s songwriter, Micheal Orange. Having only been set up this year, he has released two tracks on his bandcamp. He is currently working on the project’s debut album called The Skeletal System.

Manipulating shogaze noise with fragile electronica into sincere songwriting, the music he creates might reminisce the likes of Sigur Ros, Perfume Genius, etc. His visceral and melancholic song writing are totally unique, and it’s something we are fan of.

The artist kindly agreed to put his debut single “On Your Deathbed” as a limited free download. Listen and download the track from the widget below.

Hear Me Out: Feather Beds
Introduced by Micheal Orange

Well, I started Feather Beds properly in 2012. It’s just me on my own and I suppose I had the idea for it a while ago, but am only getting to it now, for one reason or another. In terms of my background, I’ve played in bands and traditionally I’ve made music in a more collaborative environment, which was/is great, but I’m enjoying working on my own with this, for the moment.

Reason behind the band name
I have a notebook that I keep for ideas, and often I write down ideas for titles or lyrics, etc. Feather Beds was a name that seemed to make total sense to me for this. I liked how it looked written down and I liked how it sounded. It just seemed to fit. Simple as that, really.

Without trying to be evasive, I don’t really know. For this album that I’m working on, I’m just trying to be as creative and open as possible with it and see where I end up. I’m interested in recording random sounds and noise, and layering. I’ve released two songs so far and I guess you could describe them as sounding slightly melon collie or dark, but I feel they’re kind of uplifting at the same time, which might be an odd juxtaposition. I’m not sure, really. Some of the songs have an ambient/electronic feel, some are more abrasive.

I’m inspired by artists who plough their own furrow. I love when I discover music thats totally unique, or at least unique to me. It’s just something that moves me, when I see someone/something that’s totally uninterested in subscribing to a ‘scene’ or whatever. It’s hard to articulate really, it’s more of a feeling.

Artists you like
I like lots of stuff, a lot from my childhood that my parents would have listened to like, The Beatles, The Beach Boys and The Bee Gees – right through to music I’m discovering in my twenties, it all seeps into your brain. At the moment I’m really loving Max Tundra – he’s a true original and a frighteningly talented chap. I’ve been listening to a lot of Captain Beefheart lately, especially the ‘Bat Chain Puller’ album, which was originally recorded in the seventies, I think, but only came out recently enough. Again, he was a true eccentric and he made very brave and unique music. I love artists like Field Music, Cornelius, Magnetic Fields, there’s so much great music out there and I have lots of favourites. Just to mention some Irish artists that I really like: Autumn Owls, Mail Order Messiahs and Faws. Check them out!

I’m a drummer. Masquerading as a songwriter.

Hear Me Out


It’s called ‘On Your Deathbed’. I don’t really like when songs are explained too much. It takes the fun away! Music has always been about interpretation, for me anyway.

Anything you would like to add?
I’m working on my debut album at the moment. It’s called ‘The Skeletal System’ and it’ll be out at some point in 2013. Do keep an eye out for that. Be well!!

Connect with Feather Beds
Bandcamp - Lights + Music (Japan)

"Feather Beds"

I am proud to introduce Ireland’s newly formed experimental pop unit, Feather Beds. Here’s “Airbrushed” & “On Your Deathbed”, singles taken from the upcoming debut LP, “The Skeletal System”. Their ecstatic shoegaze/ambient noise that recalls the likes of Sigur Ros and Youth Lagoon surround the surprisingly pop melodies of “Airbrush”, and on “On Your Deathbed” provides Radiohead-y somber atomosphere that I truly enjoy - Lights + Music (Japan)

"Feather Beds - "Airbrushed""

I posted a track by these guys a while back. They make shimmering washed out tunes (2 so far), but the effects and reverb don't hide any deficiency in the music. Despite the fact that they seem to be a live band, there is heavy influence from electronic music. They follow in the footsteps of the likes of Sigur Ros and My Bloody Valentine creating enveloping tapestries of emotive sound. All I know is from their press release: "Feather Beds began in 2012. Airbrushed is the second song to see the light of day, following On Your Deathbed, and a debut album The Skeletal System, is pencilled in for a release in 2013." - Soundblob - (Ireland)

"Feather Beds"

Feather Beds is a very new Dublin-based solo project, having only been set up this year, the below track On Your Deathbed is the very first release. It's mellow, it's sad, and it's eerie, basically it's pretty damn good. Apparently there's a debut set to be released some time next year, which - by example of this - is probably going to be one to look forward to. Stream the track below: - In Love Not Limbo - (UK)

"Feather Beds - "Airbrushed""

I got this submission the other day with little information but this song speaks for itself. Beginning in 2012, Feather Beds don’t have much to their name but what they do . Truth in their words and in their effectiveness. Airbrushed is the second single to see the light of day, following On Your Deathbed.

Debut album The Skeletal System, is pencilled in for a release in 2013 - The Record Stack - (USA)

"Feather Beds"

Feather Beds is the bedroom project of a Dublin-based musician with the singular name of Micheal. In 2013 he will release its debut album, The Skeletal System, that will likely lull you to a comfortable state before chilling you to your core. How do I know this? Because I’ve sampled the first taste of the project with the single, “On Your Deathbed”. Download it courtesy of the Bandcamp link below.
- Earbuddy - (USA)

"Feather Beds - "Airbrushed""

Listen to Feather Beds’ second song “Airbrushed“, following the debut track “On Your Deathbed“. Feather Beds is the new Dublin-based music project by Michael O. His debut album The Skeletal System is set for a release in 2013. - Iamnosuperman - (Germany)

"Feather Beds - "On Your Deathbed""

Feather Beds know how to play this game. This track might of slipped by me, but receiving it on a slightly hung over Sunday morning I couldn't ask for more. It has certain similarities to Villagers, in terms of the layering of vocals, the dark themes in sweetly delivered lyrics and the use of found sound for percussion, but has the stoned feel of Warpaint. Think Conor O'Brien on opium:
- Soundblob - (Ireland)

"Feather Beds"

Temazos perfectos, hermosos, bellos, inolvidables. De aquellas rolas que no puedes dejar de escuchar desde el momento en que las escuchas.

Si te mama Sigur Ros o Múm, seguro te gustará esto. Música experimental, shoegaze y pop proveniente de Dublin, Irlanda. Sobra decir que su álbum debut está programado para lanzarse en el 2013, en donde vendrán incluidas tanto “Airbushed” como “On Your Deathbed”.

Se hacen llamar Feather Beds.

Temazos perfect, beautiful, beautiful, unforgettable. Of those rolas you can not stop listening as soon as you hear them.

If you breast Sigur Ros or Múm, sure you will like this. Music experimental, shoegaze and pop from Dublin, Ireland. Needless to say, their debut album is scheduled for release in 2013, where will come included both "Airbushed" and "On Your Deathbed".

They call Feather Beds.
- LeTouch - (Mexico)

"Feather Beds - "Airbrushed""

As an artist I imagine it’s difficult to keep an air of mystery at the minute, even more so in small city like Dublin. However Feather Beds seem to be managing it. What they’re lacking in ‘social media impact’ and press photos, they’re balancing with songs of this calibre, the kind of shimmering, intricate and hook laden tunes you would have expected from a Grizzly Bear gone solo. Although seemingly in its infancy, the craft of both ‘Airbrushed’ and the previous release ‘On Your Deathbed’, suggests the outfit/musician may not be a newbie to songwriting. Either way, this project is definitely joining the likes of Ginnels and Carried By Waves in the current crop of our favourite new Irish music. - Needle Hits The Groove - (Ireland)

"Feather Beds - "Airbrushed""

There’s a nice end-of-summer feel to ‘Airbrushed’, the second track we’ve heard from Dublin artist Feather Beds. I was on a bit of an Animal Collective buzz yesterday, taking in a lot of the early stuff, and Feather Beds doesn’t sound too far removed from the quieter tracks of 2003/5-era AC. The vocals are difficult to distinguish (“they have to know it’s empty” is repeated throughout) as ‘Airbrushed’ glows around shimmering guitar layers. Feather Beds is still young, having only started this year. But these little steps, ‘Airbrushed’ and ‘On Your Deathbed’, are very promising. Download ‘Airbrushed’ below and listen to the latter track, put up online about a month ago, after the jump. - The Point Of Everything - (Ireland)

"Feather Beds - "On Your Deathbed""

Words can’t describe how much Ireland has refined my musical palette since Diamond Atlas began last year. The gorgeous project, Feather Beds, is the brainchild of a dude named Michael from Dublin.

Using washes of transient sound and smooth acoustics as the focal point, the timely execution and layering makes the vocals on “On Your Deathbed” stand out as more of an omnipresent force rather than subtle whispers that get lost in the mix.

At the beginning, midpoint, and end of the track, you’ll notice sonic peaks in which the song’s subdued, ambient nature morphs into a weirder, more experimental pop jam.

Seems like the project is still trying to find a middle ground between gentle and heavy, which is awesome.

This track is off Feather Bed’s forthcoming release: The Skeletal System.

The LP is slated for a 2013 release.

Since mystery is the name of the game, that’s really all you get for now.

Keep your eyes peeled for more.
- Diamond Atlas - Portals - (Canada)

"Feather Beds - "On Your Deathbed""

The sparse “On Your Deathbed” mixes a haunting croon with creeping guitar fragments and sputtering sound effects, ranging from guitar scratching to various drum additions. The vocals bear a likeness to Elliott Smith, though Feather Beds’ ability to construct a memorable central melody over separately panned vocal fixings reminds of The Wrens and Archers of Loaf as well. A single kick drum takes up most of the track, before some variation in the final minute, where the vocals combine for a chillingly resounding melody. The various bits of guitar, from the high-chiming frequencies to the low bass-like murmur, seems like it’s paying tribute to post-punk legends Wire, particularly on a track like “French Film Blurred“.

Feather Beds is the project of a Dublin-based artist named ‘Michael’, who plans on releasing Feather Beds’ debut album, The Skeletal System, in 2013. - Obscure Sound - (USA)


The Skeletal System - Debut album out in February 2015



Feather Beds began in 2012 and is the musical moniker of the Dublin born/Montreal based multi instrumentalist, Michael Orange. He is joined live by Tim Charman and Mike Michalik. 
Using field recordings, samples and found sounds, combined with heavy, abrasive layering and a dark, melancholic undercurrent, whilst still retaining a twisted pop sensibility - Feather Beds creates music that occupies the space between fragile electronica and a shoegaze aesthetic of noise and texture. It's music that takes influence from pop to drone to noise/art rock to folk, and everything in between. 
Formerly a drummer with Dublin bands, The Star Department, Subplots and Autumn Owls, he has spent the past number of years writing and recording with these bands, as well as touring extensively in Europe and North America. 
Feather Beds is his first venture as a solo artist and February 2015 saw the release of his debut album, The Skeletal System, on Happenin Records: http://happeninrecords.com




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