If you have not already seen, heard, or heard of this band, you will. With a sound indescribable and a live show more sincere and heartfelt than your best friend’s funeral. It’s all very personal-dark lyrics, energetic, heavy, mellow, melodic, hard breakdowns, blood-curdling screams.


On Feb. 16, 2001, Featherlight performed its first show. The 3-piece consisted of Jesse Holeczy (bass and backup vocals), Bobby Wo (guitar and lead vocals) and Mike Mator (drums). Shortly after their premier, Christ Donacky joined as lead guitarist. Nine months later, Mike left for college.

In Mike’a place, Aron Johnston (The Switch) took over, sometimes playing double sets with Featherlight and The Switch. Then, with only two weeks before the next tour, Aron left Featherlight to focus on his other band. In Aron’s place, Frank Stone--who had belonged to Wo’s former band, Code Hero--picked up the drum sticks. FL held onto Frank for about a year before he bailed to start a country band. For a short time after Frank’s departure, Jeremy Jacobs (Linus) filled in and performed at some of FL’s landmark shows.

To end the drummer search once and for all, Mike Mator quit college to reclaim his thrown as the final drummer for FL. But just as the band finally settled down with their new/old drummer, Chris Donacky quit to play bass for Linus. Thus, the band came full circle to the original trio--Jesse, Bobby and Mike.



Written By: Featherlight

well it all came crashing to my face like needles to balloons
well i always thought that you'd died young but i never thought this soon
you're not dead yet but days away from your fateful end
just one more shot of hereon by tomorrow you'll be dead
lie down
well it all came crashing through my face like fish hooks to my eyes
well it don't seem right to give up the fight but don't make sense to try
cause a girl like you can bottle up and lock the pain inside
I'm not a psychic or a prophet it common sense, its right here before your eyes

if i could say one thing what would it be
if i could say one thing come back to me (2x)

so i sit here waiting for the day
when they break my heart with words they say
cause i prepare myself now no surprise
when they tell me you have died

so we all embrace the face of disaster
we wrap our crap in mask of alabaster
for us it just makes sense to die faster (2x)

if i could say one thing what would it be
if i could say one thing come back to me (2x)
if i could say on thing it would be lie down
lie down (x) ...
We watched you dig your grave
Now lie in it

You let us down by shooting up. We knew one day that you would drop.(2x)
Now we all get to watch you die

U.S.S. Me

Written By: Featherlight

The ship is going down,
The ugly awful truth.
Try to save yourself,
The stronghold’s broken loose.
There’s nowhere else to go.
Inviting us to drown.
This icy water swallows us,
We’re going down.
I should have known,
Right from the start:
This icy cruise would stop my heart.
If I had known,
If I could see,
I still would board the U.S.S. Me.
This ship is going down,
The water fills my lungs.
It’s given me everything that I could ever want.
The starboard’s broken loose,
The engine room is filled with water and the bodies that it has killed.


God Help Us! E.P. (2005)