Feats in Inches

Feats in Inches


Feats In Inches is a group of five close friends that formed an indie rock band. We focus on communicating powerful lyrics, accompanied with driving melodies, and creating a polished sound.


Feats In Inches—it's more than a band name; it's a way of living. An indie rock band from Northridge, CA, Feats In Inches set out to inspire people with sincere melodies and lyrics. A testament of their zeal, the first album, Lahey Street EP, was recorded and mixed entirely by the band. Songs of aspiration, certainty, and determination were birthed from the band’s passion to uplift those around them.

The band’s major influences are Coldplay, Jimmy Eat World, Kings of Leon, and Mute Math. Feats In Inches has recently performed at Whisky A Go-Go, Dakota Lounge, Rebel Army Studios, and Westfield Century City.



Lahey Street EP
Released Sept. 05, 2009

1) A Song
2) SAM
3) Calamity
4) I Know I'll Stand
5) Broken Parts
6) Smile

All tracks are streaming on our Myspace website!

Set List

1) I Know I'll Stand
2) SAM
3) Chicago (cover)
4) Dreaming
5) Anthem Song
6) Smile
7) A Song
8) Broken Parts

Our sets are usually 8-9 songs, running approximately 30-40 minutes.

We have covered songs from Arcade Fire, Death Cab For Cutie, and Sufjan Stevens.