Featured On Fridays

Featured On Fridays


Bringing back the guitar, bass & drum solos! Our band is a salute to all the coolest rock 'tunage' of the 60's, 70's & 80's. All original rock, but will evoke a sense of familiarity as we glide through each era. Think of our band's sound as a multi-disc CD changer, packed with your fave bands!


What happened to all the cool solos that once defined the epitome of rock music? A funny thing transpired during the 90's, when solos went by the wayside, and mainstream media decided that generic, predictable, pre-fab music was the way to go. And band by band, their solos vanished into obscurity, perhaps thought of as a musical interlude filler? This was the 'anti-technique' movement!

Well, the solos are back, baby! And so is the growling raw power of progressive rock, mixed with a bluesy flair, some 80's decadence and subtle shred, and classic vintage sound sure to appeal to any hardcore rock lover!
Featured on Fridays is a salute to all the cool 'tunage' of the 60's, 70's & 80's! Think of our band as a multi-disc CD changer, packed with all your fave CD's that you pull out for your summer roadtrips & cruisin' music. Our sound is as varied as our influences, so don't expect to hear the same style with each new tune...we like to keep it fresh & unpredictable, yet still deliver a sense of familiarity to the listener.

We are all about authenticity when it comes to reproducing the sounds from these eras, and we use an assortment of vintage equipment (including old tube amps, analog electronics, etc) & recording techniques that defined this time period.

Featured on Fridays was formed on New Years Eve, 2006, when the 2 future members, Crystal Fawn & Brev Sullivan, along with another musician friend, pulled out a box of dusty LP's and an old record player buried in a closet, and listened to the assortment of tunes while admiring the album artwork and liners. Crystal asked the rhetorical question, "Why don't they make music like this anymore?", prompting Brev to make a phone call to long-time friend & drummer James Larsen. The concept of Featured on Fridays was born! We are determined to bring back the essential elements of what makes a REAL rock band!


"5 Minutes 'Til Stage" (Debut EP) Release Date: June/07

Set List

Our most current schedule is designed to promote our newest material, and consists of a 10-song, 45 minute set, including 8 originals & 2 covers (*indicates covers):

*Star Spangled Banner
Kick The Fox
See The Light
Don't Be So Blind
Laws Of The Universe
Omega Boogie
Let Me Out
*Hotel California
The Flagraiser

We have additional originals that we can perform, should the gig require more playing time:

Get Me Out Of Here
World's End
Fired Up
Love Conquers All
We Like It On The Run
Livin' On The Highway
Was There a Better Way
Runnin' Scared
Locked Up
Seeing Is Believing

* If required, we are capable of performing a wide repotroire of cover tunes upon request, ranging from 70's to current.