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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF | AFM

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2013
Duo Pop Electronic




"Toronto's FEATURETTE get Dreamy on the Romantic 'The Hardest Game'."

Toronto duo FEATURETTE had already finished producing their two-part record Crave, when the idea for this track, “Hardest Game” hit them. “It more or less poured out of us,” they say. “We sent the basement-mix to our producers and they fast-tracked it, mixing it just in time for mastering with the rest of the album. “It’s the perfect set-up for the end of the story which we were writing and piecing together throughout volume 1 and volume 2 of Crave.”

Based on this track, a beguiling romance of dreamy synths, Jon Fedorsen’s percussion, and Lexie Jay’s vocals, it sounds like a story worth hearing.

“‘Hardest Game’ is about life and all the shit people in it,” the duo go on. “People we all deal with everyday that talk louder than you – stand taller than you – to be heard over you. It’s about letting go of those people and not letting their words leave a scar. It’s about focusing on yourself and staying true to your tune above the rest of the noise.” - Bullett


In a daze-inducing, blanket soft croon is how Lexie Jay introduces the lush pop track “Broken.” Accompanied by drummer Jon Fedorsen’s rock-steady beats, the song is a hypnotic feat on the ears, and the video calls to attention what little will power you have left to turn away. The complete package gives us a wonderland of red-roomed, modern danced, glitter infused visuals that I imagine must look like the thought process inside the minds of FEATURETTE when creating. We delved deeper into their craniums to find out more about this newly formed dynamic duo.

Tell us about the concept of the video for “Broken.” The dancers are amazing!
We really dig the dancers too, they did such a great job bringing the story to life. “Broken” is about a girl who meets a guy in a bar, and when she sees him, time freezes. They’ve never even exchanged a word, but she fantasizes about what their lives would be like together, and like the song, it goes to a pretty dark place. The dancers are acting out the interactions between the guy and the girl through interpretative dance, it’s a little sexy, a little dark, and ultimately doesn’t end well for the guy. Broken is actually the first video in a two-part series and ends in a bit of a cliff hanger that is resolved in the second video, so I guess you’ll just have to wait and see for that - Lady Gunn

"Dark Pop Duo, FEATURETTE, Drops “Broken” Video"

The only thing FEATURETTE has broken is the mold! That’s right, electro-pop duo, FEATURETTE are at it again, this time with a haunting, sensual, and wholly electrifying video for their track “Broken!” Take a look right HERE!

Their synthy, 80s inspired dream-pop sound may be likened to groups like CHVRCHES, Purity Ring, or Joywayve, but FEATURETTE is amping up the genre. Bringing a raw energy and dark honesty to the vocals, while indulging in overdrives and bit-crushers has FEATURETTE changing the face of electro-pop. It’s easy to see why the duo are breaking hearts all over! - Vents Magazine

"15 Artists you NEED to check out at Canadian Music Fest 2015"

Home » What's On » Gig Previews » 15 Artists You NEED to Check Out at Canadian Music Week 2015!
15 Artists You NEED to Check Out at Canadian Music Week 2015!
Posted on May 4, 2015 by Toronto Paradise
15 Artists to Check Out at this year's Canadian Music Week

Kiesza – Calgary, Canada

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When: Friday May 8th

Where: The Grand Ballroom, Sheraton Centre at 7pm

Must Listen: Hideaway

Interesting Fact: Used to be a sniper in the Canadian army! Shot her epic dance moves for the Hideaway video in one complete take!

Sounds Like: Gorgon City, Tulisa, Haddaway

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Manchester, England

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When: May 4th & May 5th

Where: Sony Centre for the Performing Arts

Must Listen: If I Had A Gun, Half the World Away

Interesting Fact: The headline artist of CMW and arguably the most successful artist present. As part of Oasis – Noel sold well over 70 million records. Noel was infamously pushed off stage when touring Toronto with Oasis in 2008.

Sounds Like: Oasis, The Beatles, The Stone Roses

The Ghost of a Sabre Tooth Tiger (The GOASTT) – New York, USA

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When: Friday 8th May

Where: The Horseshoe Tavern

Must Listen: Hideaway

Interesting Fact: Sean Ono Lennon is the son of The Beatles legend John Lennon and Yoko Ono! Sean and his model bandmate Charlotte Kemp Muhl have been in a relationship together since meeting at Coachella in 2006.

Sounds Like: The Beatles, Traveling Wilburys, Pink Floyd

Ryn Weaver – New York, USA

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Ryn Weaver

When: Friday 8th May & Saturday 9th May

Where: The Great Hall (Fri) & Tattoo (Sat)

Must Listen: OctaHate (The Fool album will be released in July)

Interesting Fact: Was produced by Ke$ha and Katy Perry super-producer Benny Blanco after meeting him on the dating app Tinder!

Sounds Like: Banks, Lily Allen, Tove Lo

Kids In Despair – Toronto, Canada

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When: Friday May 8th

Where: The Great Hall

Must Listen: I Wish I Was Your Cigarette, Stoned On The School Bus

Interesting Fact: Kara has performed on US late night talk show with Jimmy Fallon!

Sounds Like: Sex Pistols, Lady GaGa, Lana Del Rey

Betty & Oswald – Sydney, Australia

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When: Wednesday May 6th & Friday May 8th

Where: Johnny Jackson (Weds – 1am) & The Horseshoe Tavern (Fri – 12.55pm)

Must Listen: King of Bohemia, Jaguar Paw

Interesting Fact: They spent a summer in Montreal, because they wanted to explore the city’s music scene and get inspired by some of their favourite artists including Half Moon Run and Patrick Watson.

Sounds Like: Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse, MAGIC!

East India Youth – London, England

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When: Friday 8th May

Where: Drake Underground at 8pm

Must Listen: Looking For Someone

Interesting Fact: The East India Youth comes from the East India Docks, an area in East London that William Doyle lived during the writing of Total Strife Forever. He says the “youth” part of his name is him being “creatively reborn” during this time.

Sounds Like: James Blake, Panama Wedding, Boards of Canada

Gold Lake – Brooklyn, USA

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When: Thursday May 7th

Where: Drake Underground at 9pm

Must Listen: Severed Land/The Sound, Lovers

Interesting Fact: Denim legends Levi’s used a Gold Lake song in a recent ad campaign!

Sounds Like: Band of Horses, Blood Orange, Imogen Heap

Lady Lamb – Brunswick, USA

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When: Saturday May 9th

Where: The Garrison

Must Listen: Dear Arkansas Daughter

Interesting Fact: Her first recordings were home recorded, delivered in hand made packages to the local Bullmoose Record Store in Brunswick, Maine.

Sounds Like: Babyshambles/The Libertines, Arctic Monkeys

Birds of Bellwoods – Toronto, Canada

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When: Friday May 8th

Where: Burdock at 1am

Must Listen: Idioteque (Radiohead Cover)

Interesting Fact: Named after the iconic Trinity Bellwoods park on Toronto’s Queen Street West!

Sounds Like: Mumford & Sons, Jamie N Commons, The Lumineers

The Juliets – Toronto, Canada

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When: Friday May 8th & Saturday May 9th

Where: Supermarket (Fri – 1opm) & The Mod Club (Sat – 8.30pm)

Must Listen: Here For You (In The Morning)

Interesting Fact: They have had high profile support from Canadian TV personality Phoebe Dykstra!

Sounds Like: 5 Seconds of Summer, Rixton, Boys Like Girls

Brave Shores – Toronto, Canada

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When: Friday May 8th

Where: The Mod Club at 11pm

Must Listen: Never Come Down

Interesting Fact: Brave Shores are siblings! Also, their song Never Come Down was selected to be Bell Canada’s song for their new underwater Sony Xperia phone advert.

Sounds Like: Icona Pop, Charli XCX, The Virgins

Demi Louise – Melbourne, Australia

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When: Saturday 9th May

Where: The Horseshoe Tavern at 2.10pm & Cameron House at 7pm

Must Listen: Ruins

Interesting Fact: Despite being unsigned, she’s toured the world (supported Gabrielle Aplin along the way!) and placed a song with the winner of The Voice Germany!

Sounds Like: Mumford & Sons, Gabrielle Aplin, Joni Mitchell

Featurette – Toronto, Canada

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Photo Credit: Marc Koecher
When: Saturday May 9th

Where: The Garrison at 8pm

Must Listen: Broken

Interesting Fact: The Featurette received a recording grant from FACTOR Canada and has spent 2014 writing their two part debut album entitled Crave produced by Science!’s own Josh Sadler-Brown and Marc Koecher (Gorgol Bordello, John Legend)

Sounds Like: deadmau5, Dragonette, Elliphant

VÉRITÉ – New York, USA

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When: Thursday May 7th

Where: Drake Underground at 11pm

Must Listen: Colors

Interesting Fact: Her debut song Strange Enough got over 115 thousand views on Youtube – not bad for a debut showcasing just the audio!

Sounds Like: Banks, Tove Lo, Natasha Bedingfield - Toronto Paradise

"Spotlight: Featurette"

Formed in 2012, the Toronto electro-pop duo, FEATURETTE, is one of the most dynamic duos to catch at this year’s CMW. The pair took a moment to tell me what FEATURETTE is all about and why they’re a must see tonight at the Garrison! Chaka V.

“Lots of energy, lots of dancing, a bit of live theatre…it packs a punch.”
TWM: How did you two become the duo called FEATURETTE ?

Jon: It started when my brother left his guitar behind after he moved to New Zealand, I picked it up to learn how to play and quickly discovered how horrible I actually was at guitar! That summer I met Lexie while working as a drum teacher at a band camp — she taught violin.

Lexie Jay: FEATURETTE actually started as a folk band. We didn’t have the name yet, but we had a bunch of songs I had written over the years and we just started jamming. Again, we quickly discovered neither of us were cut out for the guitar, but we found our stride in electronic music and started exploring that avenue more. The next summer Jon pitched the name FEATURETTE, and since the word itself means ‘mini-feature’ we started running with that concept, and it worked so well with the storyline in my songbook. We’ve been writing in the storyline concept ever since.

TWM: Did you find it a challenge pairing Lexie Jay’s classical training and Jon’s more drummer background?

Lexie Jay: Not at all! I have a classical background – trained in opera and classical theory and Jon is trained as a jazz drummer, with a jazz theory background. We had a few communication issues at first when discussing how we wanted the music to sound, because from a music-nerd perspective, we had different terminologies to express the ideas we were having. Once we found a language we could both agree on, the ideas just started to flow. As far as the actual instrument of singing classically versus pop, it’s a totally different ballgame. In finding that departure, it was very liberating for me to sing what I felt, as opposed to adhering to a traditional set of rules. We come from polar opposite fields, but that’s what makes the ideas so powerful when we agree.

TWM: Who are your influences as a duo?

Jon: We pick up bits and pieces from everywhere we go. Right from the beginning we were hearing Moderat, Deadmau5, Justice and Bjork, but along the way we’ve heard sounds changing and we’re getting more Tove Lo, Little Dragon, Phantogram, Banks, Avec Sans, and the like. We’re sure that will continue to change as we keep listening – there’s so much to hear right now in the world of electronic music.

TWM: Which band/artist would you be excited to open for?

Jon: If we opened for Phantogram, we’d do a backflip. Both of us!

TWM: Tell me about your debut album.

Lexie Jay: The first album that we plan to release this year is called CRAVE, and it focuses on the things we crave in life – love, lust, intimacy, resolution and ultimately self-acceptance.

TWM: What can we expect from your live show?

Jon: Lots of energy, lots of dancing, a bit of live theatre and some fat low end. It packs a punch.

TWM: How does it feel to be part of CMW?

Lexie Jay & Jon: Playing live has really been an exciting ride so far and it’s barely just begun! After a year of recording and production, we’ve only started performing in January 2015, and we can’t wait to get out there. The opportunities CMW has given us have been amazing – we’ve met great bands from around the world and everyone is so down to earth and open. The experience has been unreal. Saturday is going to be an amazing night, we’re sharing the stage with some incredible bands, so come early and show some love!

Catch FEATURETTE tonight at the The Garrison 8pm! - Wine House Magazine


Toronto duo Featurette is the about-face creation of former Crash Parallel rock drummer Jon Fedorsen and aspiring opera singer Lexie Jay and it sounds nothing like either. Instead, think of the vocal play of Lorde, driving beats of Justice backed by dirty Deadmau5-style synths. The electronic-pop act will release its debut album, Smoke & Mirrors, in early 2015.

“You can do so much with a microphone and a voice,” says Lexie. “I’m trained to use my voice as its own amplification system and it has to be a specific way all the time or people don’t accept you because the opera style is so particular, but with a microphone there’s so much more you can do. You can put your voice through an amp, put your voice through these filters and high passes, and then it’s all just smoke and mirrors.

“None of it is real, in a way; but it’s brilliant,” she laughs.

Lexie and Jon met three years ago at Toronto Summer Music Camp where they were both teaching. Jon had started playing guitar when Crash Parallel was stranded in Newfoundland in a blizzard while touring with Collective Soul. Lexie, who plays piano, violin, dances and performed in musical theatre productions in high school, was pursuing opera. Then, one day, at band camp…

“I was going to do a performance for these kids and I had my guitar, but my singing and playing wasn’t great,” Jon recounts, “and Lexie, who I didn’t really know at the time, said, ‘I play,’ so I bullied her into playing with me. Then I found she had this songbook. She had been writing songs while in the opera program and I said, ‘My stuff would be perfect with your stuff.’ We did a recording before we left camp and I took it home and added electronic elements.”

That song was “Memorize,” which is on Smoke & Mirrors. Lexie loved it. The lyrics she had written in high school — the last poem in her grade 12 songbook — about believing in the outcome, but not really knowing how it would end up.

They started writing officially shortly after that.

Borrowing from the musical theatre and opera foundation, they decided to have a story thread through the album, in this case, a relationship going from good to bad, as Jon had recently experienced. “We Fall” is a dust-yourself-off and pick-yourself-up breakup anthem; “Awake” — one of Lexie’s folk tunes that was given a dreamy ethereal treatment — is about staying out all night, dancing and losing yourself.

With Lexie studying opera in British Columbia for a bit, they would often write together on Skype and also send files back and forth. Lexie also learned how to use the digital audio program Logic and created and edited tracks herself. Jon would fill in the percussion, and other effects, mix and edit. “I’m keeping my drums simple. I want them to sound more like drum machines.” he says.

The partnership works perfectly.

“My favourite form of classical is oratorio because I can ornament everything,” Lexie says. “It’s that style of music that has lots of improvisation. Same thing we do in Featurette because when we write something, Jon says, ‘Sing the melody’ and I just get to go for it. There’s no planning; it’s just whimsical. You get to build it up to something that was just a backing track originally and it inspires the rest of the song.”

Lexie’s first love is still classical music, but at 22 years of age says “My body is too young to have a full-blown opera career, but I’m young enough to have a full-blown pop career, so I go where the music takes me.”

Jon, who has been in two recording bands, Crash Parallel and FIRExFIRE, is happy to be working with just one other person. “I’ve had so much band politics the last couple of years of my life that I just thought two people would be much easier to deal with. Let the computers do the rest.”

-- Karen Bliss, Music Journalist (Rolling Stone/Billboard/MSN/RS/AOL) - Karen Bliss

"Canadian Music Week Presents FEATURETTE"

#CanadianMusicWeek Presents FEATURETTE
IMG_0585 copy
On May 9 , Electro-duo FEATURETTE graced the stage at The Garrison during Canadian Music Week. The duo, consisting of members Lexie Jay (singer) and Jon Fedorsen (Drummer) brings electro-pop to a whole new level. Having spent the last year recording their two-part, debut album Crave, FEATURETTE is about to take over Toronto by surprise. We sat down and chatted with the duo prior to their set. Read the interview below!

You’re from Toronto and you’re playing CMW. How do you feel?
Lexie (L): So so good. We’re so thrilled to be playing CMW, it’s our first year. The summers pretty packed for us so far. It’s exciting.

Jon (J): Very exciting. We’ve played in the past, but really excited this year about it, and this year in particular. The planning has been incredible, every band has been great, the venues are awesome. Everything’s been running smoothly.

Why should people come check you guys out?
L : The concept of our band is slightly different than most other one off songs here and there. So from the beggining to the end of the set, it’s actually a storyline that we focus on in the album from song to song. They’re actually programmed that way so that between each song you get that sort of conflict and resolution thing with the whole set. It’s a FEATURETTE, it’s a mini movie, that’s the premise of it. It’s action packed man.

J : We basically split our album up into two parts, we haven’t released anything yet. Volume 1 is a little bit dark, and then it gets a little bit light again in the end. It’s kind of a nice A & B of an album. You’ll enjoy it.

Is there a particular reason to why there is two parts other than the dark and light of it?
L: Just like the logistical reasons, as much as there are artistic reasons. We had a set amount of songs, and we decided it was stronger to release an EP because nobody really cares when a full album comes out. The attention span is like zero. So we want to go for shorter, action packed releases, single EPs, so there’s more and more coming and we’re always getting something new to the audience. But even more than that, to us there was a defined break in the first and second half. It goes really downhill, like really dark places and it comes right back out. So pairing that in one album might be a little extreme versus having a A side and a B side is probably a stronger idea for that.

J: We took a long time to make this record. It took us literally like since Lexi and I started playing guitar together. Like dabbling and maybe being a folk band, and I’m such a bad singer and such a bad guitar player. In the summertime we worked together and decided to make it electronic, that took a long time, to figure “Why don’t we just take this album, boom it’s done now, what’s next” This way we have a little break to focus on.

When it comes to songwriting, is it the music that makes the lyrics? Or the lyrics that make the music?
L: They’re the same! They’re one in the same. When we write a song there are two ways we can go about doing it. We have the music already in our head, whip out the iPhone, we’ve got to record this thing. If you listen to it long enough, the lyrics are already in there. I’m writing lyrics that go with this song, there is a rhythm, words into phrases that’s already in the music. You just have to find it, which sounds so hippie and crazy but it’s already out there. You pull it straight out of the sky. If there is a set of lyrics, they have a rhythm to them, and that rhythm has a little to the phrase and how you say them. And that’s musical, just the same.

J: For me, as a drummer growing up, Lexi can protest to this, anyone who’s ever met me, I know no lyrics to any songs except maybe nursery rhymes.

L : He knows the lyrics, but they’re like Jon’s version of the lyrics.

J: So for me, they’re really important. Especially in our music, lyrics bring the life to electronic music. I have no idea, and it interests me to see the process of that. Thank goodness I’m not doing it.

When it comes to festivals, what makes you stop and listen to an artist?
L : It’s like the sound, the look and the sound. I think for most of us, it’s like the first 20 seconds, it’s on or off. It’s the first chord, the sounds I want to be hearing, and right now my ears are really open to everything but mostly to that electronic sound we’re producing. Also the influences we’re getting from the places in the world that are putting those out like Northern Europe, Australia, New Zealand and we want to take those things and capture them so we can join that plan. Everything is starting to change, it’s all being more progressive and electronic.

J : We think word of mouth is one of the best things too. If your friends tell you to listen, it’s usually the same taste. So that’s really important.

You’re a electro-duo. Do you find that electronic music is becoming the new pop? Or is it already?

L : Totally. Electro and indie pop, and when I say pop, some people who aren’t into that music are like ‘What do you mean pop?’ like Britney Spears, no it’s like what’s popular right now! If you’re hearing EDM influences on the radio, like really extremely popular songs, we’re not that pop. But it is popular enough that it could be heard on the radio, one day, that’s the goal.

J: It’s definitely taking over, it’s nice to hear less top 40. Dance, it’s changing to more rhytmically interesting great stuff happening.

L: This Tove Lo wave is like blowing up.

It’s crazy because she just played the Drake Underground last year. If you were to blow up like that, do you think anything will change?
L : Hopefully nothing. We’re actually plating the Drake Underground Saturday, if anyone wants to come. Saturday 9PM, be there.

J: It’s a long climb, people say she blew up, but I’m sure she’s been doing that for a while. Been writing songs for other people and meeting people. There’s no such thing as overnight success, well there can be, but generally here’s stuff we don’t see.

L: Getting in the studio, writing the next album. Cause you got to keep it well-put.

J : I think those things when you get into the next level, it’s the stability and sustainability.

How do you go The Xtra Mile?
L: I love that question, but I don’t have an immediate answer to it. The Xtra Mile we weren’t musicians only. We do other things, I say on the side, that’s sort of in the foreground. It’s hard to make money in music because people don’t necessarily want to pay for the songs they’re hearing. So going the Xtra Mile is something we’re going to be have to be doing to get noticed and get heard. I think having that FEATURETTE concept and it as a cohesive unit of songs that tell a story, which is just a generic story. It’s telling a specific story, titled by the album. So I think that’s sort of going to be the Xtra Mile factor that’s going to make people turn their heads.

J: Going the Xtra Mile, we deligenetly tried to reproduce the album live as best as we can. Pretty much everything is there and its been really interesting to try to get that to look. I been chopping off things and looping things. Lexi’s been soldering cables and light boxes. Literally Lexi’s made these light boxes that go off stage. The Xtra Mile, we really are passionate about what we do and hours and horsing this. That’s the Xtra Mile for us.

L : This comes before anything else, this is the thing. Let me describe, this is what we want.

Watch FEATURETTE live from Hard Rock Cafe below!

Catch FEATURETTE play The Drake Underground on Saturday, May 16 at 9 p.m. - The Xtra Mile


On Friday June 19th at 9pm at the Painted Lady Featurette will be taking the stage, what can we expect from the performance?
It will be action packed! Our music has bright highs and dark lows… Dance, laugh, cry - it’s going to be a party.

Whats your thoughts on NXNE? Excited?!
Totally! It’s our first NXNE and we can’t wait - We’ve only been playing live for a couple months now, but we’re stoked for this show at the Painted Lady. There’s a bunch of acts we’re looking forward to hitting up during the festival too! We’re so honoured to be part of it.

You were also at CMW this year as well, how did that go?
CMW was great - so many great acts and a great crowd made it out to our show! We weren’t sure what to expect since it was FEATURETTE’s first summer music festival but it was an all-around shiny experience.

You guys recently formed not too long ago, how did the band 'Featurette' come about?
FEATURETTE took a long time to develop conceptually - I think we always knew it was there and what we were going for, but finding our sound took a couple years. The original concept was that we would have through-composed albums that would tell a story from start to finish lyrically and musically, and we think we’ve finally found that in CRAVE. We’re going to be releasing the first half (vol.1) this year. We’ve actually got it on presale on our website for NXNE! (#shamlessplug ——> www.featurettemusic.com ;))

With a lot of music these days and a lot of ways to get music, both illegally and legally, how do you guys break away from the mold and show every you are not just another band? Whats the secret?
You’re so right. There’s so much great content right now it really is hard to stand out, but we think we’re part of a new wave, and it’s just now coming to hit Canada and the USA. It’s this dark wave electro-pop sound that’s really thick and visceral - sexy stuff. But part of what makes FEATURETTE stand out is our live show. Come for the sounds, stay for the cubes.. we light it up!

For Lexie Jay, being classically trained in opera singing, what was the transition like into the band life?
Rough. Seriously a rough go. I went from staying in and keeping my instrument squeaky clean to late nights and networking in loud clubs. But once I got past the growing pains, I realized there is so much musicality to play with in pop that I can actually use my formal training to really write creative stuff and stand out when it comes to a live show. All in all, I more than love it.

I notice on your band bio that Featurette is influenced by the sounds of Northern Europe and New Zealand. We can totally understand the Northern Europe part, but where does New Zealand fit into this? What attracts you to New Zealand?
It’s a bit of a two part answer. Jon took a trip to New Zealand to visit family not too long ago. He was listening to a lot of new electronic music at the time and started hearing sounds that would influence our writing.
There’s a lot of minimalism in New Zealand that comes from its diverse an expansive geography that seems to permeate the culture and mindset of the people there. You can really hear it in the sounds that are coming from there. Pretty much everything Joel Little touches now has that vibe in it, and it's definitely made an impression on us.

Lets talk about your guys two-part debut album Crave. How is that process going? When are you hoping to release it?
We think we can finally say we’ve picked a date - no spoilers.. but this year for sure, and we’re thinking the spooky month. It’s going to be wicked! Updates to come on the website/FB page...

What made you want to 'two-part' it? Is it a concept?
Speaking of Crave, what sort of things inspired that title track off that [upcoming] album?
There are two reasons for the two part. Logistically speaking, as an indie band, it’s better to have many morsels to keep people listening and engaged than to drop everything all at once and just hope it catches on. You can even hear in our music how much we love the build, so this tactical release is a bit of that - waves of interest to keep you hooked.
As for the two volumes, there’s a definite divide between the first and second volumes. Crave is about craving what life can offer us - visceral love, passion and intimacy, but also resolution, acceptance and self actualization. The first volume takes us to that dark physical place that ends in devastation, and the second volume is picking up the pieces yourself and finding you within you. It’s about someone who didn’t want to fall in love and the heads and tails that come with her story.

Lastly, five totally random question, give the answer that comes to mind first.
If you were not called Featurette, what else would you want to be called? BootsNCats
Favorite/worst craving? Pickles/2am snack wraps…
Favorite restaurant and dish? Sukho Thai - The Green Curry (OMG)
Toronto is the city of….? Hilarious politics
2015 will be the year of….? Fuck yeah!! - Junnnktank Webzine






Electro-indie Pop.

Toronto-based duo FEATURETTE was formed in 2013 by singer Lexie Jay and drummer, Jon Fedorsen. Like their synth-heavy dream pop contemporaries Aurora and Tove Lo, FEATURETTE is influenced by the emotionally charged, heavy hitting electro-pop sounds coming from Northern Europe and New Zealand. After receiving a full recording grant from FACTOR Canada, the band is launching their debut LP, CRAVE in the fall of 2016. Produced by Science!'s own Josh Sadlier-Brown and Marc Koecher (Jully Black, Kae Sun, John Legend, Golgol Bordello).

Chosen as one of the top 15 bands to watch at Canadian Music Week 2015 alongside notables Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, Brave Shores and Verite. The duo have played alongside the likes of Alessia Cara, Dear Rouge, Walk off the Earth among many others. The band's through-composed show roars several times its size with a sound that is fresh and forward thinking. 

Their single, Broken, has recently garnered features and placements on commercial radio across Canada, from Victoria to Montreal, while their track Give a Little has been synched to Degrassi and Private Eyes. 

Band Members