Experimental pop in the vein of Olivia Tremor Control or ELO with a touch of classic early 60s R&B thrown in. Debut album has been called "reflective, emotional pop music for people who don't typically listen to anything that can be described in that way" (WeShotJr.com)


Febrifuge is the recording and performing moniker of Chris Day, who started the project in late 2005. Febrifuge started as a home recording project in Chris's apartment, where he recorded all of his debut album 'A Short Instance of Separation'. From inception to completion, the album is the culmination of two years work. Besides guest spots by local musicians Ryan Thomas Becker (RTB2) and Olivia Emile (The Logic), all production was done by Chris himself, right down to the final CD packaging. Once the recordings were finished, Chris collaborated with Alan Douches (Animal Collective, Olivia Tremor Control) for mastering, to help smooth out the home recordings.


A Short Instance of Separation (Debut LP)

Set List

Sets usually run about 45 - 60 mins, including tracks off of the debut album that we constantly change up, as well as new material being worked on.