Emotive grunge influenced acoustic progressive tunes. Sound somewhere between Radiohead and Muse, PJ Harvey and Damien Rice, Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam


FebruaryMarch is the music project of singer/songwriter Mike Dodd. Live Mike sings, playing piano and electro-acoustic guitar. Recorded demos (see Myspace and CD’s given out at gigs) feature Mike adding drums and electric guitar to the mix.
Mike grew up in north Birmingham and played piano from an early age, leaving home at eighteen and heading to Nottingham. A huge fan of the grunge scene of the early nineties, Mike went half’s on an acoustic guitar with a friend and brought Pearl Jam’s “Ten” tab book, before spending six painful months learning guitar chords eventually gaining some competency.

After forming a couple of short-lived bands in Nottingham, neither reaching their live debut, and keen to gain live experience, Mike began playing covers at open mic nights. In May 2003 he returned to Birmingham, bought a six track and began recording and performing solo. Early 2004, after seeing Birmingham band 35 Seconds play at the Custard factory, Mike and Ware bassist Aaron Cole, were inspired to form a band together, initially known as ‘Cellar Door’. They were joined intermittently by Ash West-Mullen (State of the Nation) on drums, playing gigs in Birmingham and Derby.

One evening, walking back from the pub discussing a couple of anti-Iraq war demos Mike and his partner had marched on, they stumbled across the name “February March” which struck a resonance and the band name was created.

After a life-cleansing six week break touring California, Mike reduced his day job to part-time early 2007 in order to spend more time writing and recording music. Since then FebruaryMarch has streamlined to a solo project, Mike playing venues around Birmingham (including The Yardbird, The Island Bar, Atticus, Katie Fitzgerald’s, Moseley’s Bull’s Head and Patrick Kavanagh pubs and at Artsfest 2007 playing at The Prince of Wales and Flapper and Firkin).

Mike will be increasing FebruaryMarch’s profile by gigging through the remainder of 2008, handing out more free CD's and finishing home recording the first album.

To join the FebruaryMarch mailing list, send a blank email to: maillist@februarymarch.com


Where Go Wrong

Written By: Mike Dodd

Every now and then something old comes along,
Like a distance sign we see where we've moved on,
Need to remember how good it was in the day,
But different sights means different lives moving their own way

Stare forever- I don't care
Do I not speak- beware
Low priority- is always unfair
Got to fly now- take care

Driving faster more focused like before
Smoothing over to compromise no more
The area we created had nothing of me
The trees parallax the sees of grass the freedom to leave

You're inside you- from outside
Feeling nothing- there's not sign
Going somewhere- just in time
Leave just a question- last in line

Where go wrong?
Where go wrong?
Where go wrong?
Where go wrong?


Five track demo CD's are handed out at gigs featuring: My World, Hotel, Never Old, Where go Wrong and Happy End.

Set List

Typical Set list: My World, Never Old, Where go wrong, Black (Pearl Jam cover on piano), Hotel (guitar and piano simultaneously using looping pedal), There is no way back from this, Clouds

Set is 30 to 45 minutes long, other covers I do are: The Killers "Mr Brightside" (slow acoustic version), Blind Melon's "Time", Feist's "The Park" (on piano), Damian Rice's "Delicate" (on piano)