Feddi Man

Feddi Man

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The Best You heard in Years. I'm in a league of my own. I'm better than most Rappers. I t's well produced. Just Listen for Yourself.


At a time when rappers have lost touch with reality, and studio gangsters dominate the charts - one man stands between the destruction and the resurrection of hip-hop, and that man is Feddi Man aka Confeddi. While other rappers worry about buying "bling" and renting slabs for their album & mixtape covers, Feddi lays down tracks in the studio with his closest ally DJ Protege (producer) & Dj Florok (mixtape dj) Together, they flip mixtapes like hotcakes.

Now, don't be fooled by his Southern charm. This TexMexiRican has enough swagger to fill the Grand Canyon. Hailing from Montopolis on the southeast side of Austin, Tx ("the hood where they clap dat chrome/sell drugs and bring heat") Feddi Man knows what it's like to struggle and hustle. Falling floors, no A/C, roaches and clutter, is just a little sample of what he has been through. And with determination he's willing and ready to overcome it. With hustling in his bloodline, there's no doubt that this man will soon become 'The Spokesman' for the disenfranchised


Feddi Man Releases:

Feddi Man & Dj Florok:What the streets been waiting for (mixtape)
Feddi Man & Dj Florok:The Spokesman (mixtape)
Feddi Man & T-Kid:We're Here Now (mixtape)
Feddi Man & Dj Florok:2 Case's of Brew & A Microphone (mixtape)
Feddi Man:Underground Gutter Vol.1 (mixtape)
Feddi Man:Underground Gutter Vol.2 (mixtape)
Feddi Man:Underground Gutter Vol.3 (mixtape)

Featured On:

Dj Florok:Across the water (mixtape)
Dok Holiday:The Pre Season Vol.1
Dok Holiday:The Pre Season Vol.2
Mike-C:Round 1 (mixtape)
Young Teka:Definition of an Underground (mixtape)

Set List

I'ma Do Me
Texas Born/Austin Raised
I Don't Play That
The Spokesman
I'm The One
(15-20 min. set)