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Tokyo, Tōkyō, Japan

Tokyo, Tōkyō, Japan
Band Rock Punk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




The musical piece group that is full of variety shows to let a base feel abundant withdrawals is shown to the taste of the UK / US Rock - CD journal


?¡1st SINGLE ?uLET ME GO?v 2007/02/11(sat) Release
?¡1st mini Album ?uI fed music to you?v2007/05/05(sat) Release
?¡?uYesteday Stories?kLo-Fi-FNK remix?l?v?@7inch 2007/05/13(sun) Release
?¡1st FULL ALBUM ¢I call your name£2007/11/02Release
?¡2nd SINGLE?@¢Feel the world £ 2008.10.17Release
?¡3rd SINGLE?@¢rewind you£?@2009.5.22Release
?¡2nd mini ALBUM?@¢rewind£ 2009.7.3Release



The band name is formed as Zariganu 5 in 2005.They released couple of full
album and mini album

and joined Japanese big summer festival called RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL
in EZO.
In 2007,They changed band named called "Fed MUSIC" and released mini album
from Niw Records.
Thier album sales was really good in japan and LO-FI-FNK of popular in
europe did remix and the giving topic!!
In 2008m,New guitar list join the band.
Even the last audition was chosen as him in the guitar list audition of
Limp Bizkit.

They have been played a lots of show in japan and supported THOMAS
TANTRUM(UK) and the deBretts(UK) Japan tour and joined AC/DC Japanese
tribute album.

Their sounds mixed Japanese pop music and UK & US Rock and live
is spoken of very highly from Japanese media.

In 2009, They still have been lots of shows with Japanese popular bands as
riddim saunter?ithey will join sxsw2010?j?ACUBISMO GRAFICO FIVE?ithey will
participated sxsw2009?j?A avengers in sci-fi?ithey will
participated sxsw2008?j