Los Angeles, California, USA

Skygazer's music is a romantic melodic poem expressed through lyrics, melodies and funky beats. An irresistible fusion of lounge, electronica, and funk.


Fedra is the lead vocalist of Skygazers, she is also the co-founder and co-composer of all their original material. Formerly the lead singer of Umaniti and LunaVida, her singing style has captured the sound of the native music of her country (Peru) and the music of the world she has experienced throughout her travels. Marc Golding (Haiti) is the main instrumentalist and an accomplished Saxophone player with an act of electronica-jazz of his own that could be previewed at www.sonicbids.com/MarcGolding


"Light of Day" 2009
" Pictures in the Rain" 2010
"How it's Precious"-2011