Feeding Affliction
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Feeding Affliction

Syracuse, New York, United States | SELF

Syracuse, New York, United States | SELF
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Feeding Affliction: Feeding Affliction

Self titled, 5 track EP released in March, 2010

1. Ordinary Day
2. Deaf
3. Awoken
4. Betrayal
5. Bitter World



Feeding Affliction hails from Syracuse, NY and was formed in early 2007. The band was started by guitarist Matthew Bushey after he had enough of the monotonous, cover band-laden local scene and wanted to create something fresh and sonically assaulting. After hearing lead vocalist Eric Johnson perform a song by Tool at a local karaoke club, he knew he had found his frontman. He teamed up with longtime friend and drummer Oscar Bohne and set out to create a sound that would open up the eyes and ears of everyone expressing apathy towards a dying original music scene.

After nine months of vigorous writing and practice, and a handful of small gigs, the band decided to part ways with their original bassist due to personal and musical differences. Moving forward, Feeding Affliction set out to find another bass player who shared the same passion for creating something exciting and original. After finding their second bassist and moving in what appeared to be the right direction, adding more songs to their catalog and playing bigger and better shows, the band decided to head to the studio.

In the fall of 2008, Feeding Affliction recorded a four track demo at Moletraxx studio in Syracuse, NY. Before the record was even finished being mixed, the bassist decided to abruptly end his engagement with the band leaving them back at square one, and the record as well as all the money put into it ended up being thrown away. After two years of hard work and frustration, the band nearly decided to throw in the towel.

It wasn't until bassist Jason Isbell was introduced to the group through a mutual friend that everything turned around. Considered a saving grace for Feeding Affliction, Jason gave the band a whole new life and energy, something that had been missing for quite some time. They plugged away in the rehearsal space, composing songs that ventured in a completely new direction. Songs with a hard aggressive edge, but with a melodic, accessible sensibility.

The band continued booking more shows, expressing their desire to be heard and not to go away quietly. Buzz began to form around the band and at precisely the right time. A local venue held a two month long band battle, and Feeding Affliction plowed through over 50 local and regional bands into the top 12. The venue owners took notice of the bands growing fanbase and the musical hooks they were producing and gave them supporting slots for national recording artists Rev Theory, Smile Empty Soul, Soil, Stemm, Flaw, and Saving Abel.

Finally feeling as if they had caught their stride, the band once again entered the recording studio in December of 2009. Teaming up with renown recording engineer/producer Jason "Jocko" Randall whom also tours with national recording artists John Brown's Body as their audio engineer, the band put together a 5 track self-titled EP at MoreSound Studio. The final result is electrifying, mixing the aggressiveness of artists like Tool and Killswitch Engage, with the atmosphere of Deftones and the melodic soaring choruses of artists like Incubus, Breaking Benjamin and Staind, Feeding Affliction has proven they will not fade quietly into an industry of cookie-cutter pop artists and washed-up cover bands. They will be loud, outspoken, and determined. They WILL be heard. Will you be ready?