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Feeding Fiction

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock


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"Progression Magazine Feeding Fiction's "Roots" reviewed"

Feeding Fiction

The technical angularities of Michael Hepp’s lead guitar go a long way toward defining Canada’s Feeding Fiction and debut album, Roots.In true “Canadian tradition” this is a power rock trio ( Jeremy Schultz on bass, Scott Bailey on drums; Hepp also sings). Comparisons to Rush are inevitable, including the occasional keyboard atmospherics and edgy tempo shifts. But Hepp’s singing, unlike Geddy Lee’s, has a contemporary rock ambience – aggressive and emotive, a great compliment to his slammin’, crunchy guitar that takes no prisoners in the likes of “Crossing,” “Angry Sky,” “Bone Crusher,” “Caged,” “Satisfy,” etc.
The group’s stoutest statement is eight-minute album finale “Release Me,” during which Hepp’s angst fuelled assault drives things home with Schultz and Bailey paving the rocky road. But it’s not all crash and bluster; save for instrumental opener “Intro,” the following ten tracks are songs first and foremost, with coherent melodies careening urgently along.
The tools are in place. If and when these guys decide to stretch their arrangements with greater proggy intentions, I want to be there.

John Collinge
Quarterly Journal of Progressive Music
Fall 2009, Issue 58

- Progression issue 58

"On The Edge Feeding Fiction"

Feeding Fiction is a local threepiece progressive rock band featuring seasoned musicians with a mature perspective on songwriting and performing.
Their debut release Roots boasts technical chops, some of the best bass guitar licks to come out of Saskatoon, monstrous guitar tone with leads you would expect from a signed band, and polished vocals..........

Author Daniel Belhumeur - The Neighborhood Express

"Feeding Fiction: LP to be released March 2009"

Feeding Fiction can best be described as a progressive, hard rock band from California. Their sound is very unique, and does not hold them to one genre. The first thing I love about this band is the exceptional guitar and bass playing. Being a bass player, I always appreciate a bass player not playing the simple background parts, and playing a standout role in a band.

The guitar playing is a huge bright spot for this band. The riffs are very technical and precise in every one of their tracks. It's really amazing, because some parts sound like Rush is playing for you, and then Iron Maiden riffs come in and your head pounds even more.

Mike's lead vocals are very strong and grasp the listener by every word and never lets up. The best parts for me in each song are when they bring out the old school heavy metal riffs. You must respect the old school to go anywhere in music and this band understands that. The songwriting on the album is impressive as the songs flow together very well, with no interruptions. The smartest thing about this band to me is their style of music, because it allows them to play with bands from numerous genres. I believe any type of music fan could really get into this band. Check out Feeding Fiction and be prepared for a whole new musical experience. Once you think you've heard it before, they bust out something totally different. Brilliant Band!

Review by Metal Mark McPheeters

- Target Audience Magazine


LP - Feeding Fiction - "Roots" - 2009



Feeding Fiction emerged in mid 2008 with a sound that could be best described as a high energy brand of heavy progressive rock. This power trio based in Saskatoon, Canada released their first album "Roots" in May of 2009. Since the release they've been doing shows and going through what bands go through. The album was well received, well reviewed and a few of the tunes were played on radio, both terrestrial and online. The FF line-up consists of Michael Hepp on guitar and lead vocals, John Bland on drums and Steve Fritz on bass. Feeding Fiction's music has been compared to bands such as Tool, Coheed and Cambria, Opeth, Iron Maiden, Audioslave and Metallica. The music is heavy and solid, the lyrics mean something and the melodies are strong. If you love hard rock and are always into something new your going to dig Feeding fiction.

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