Feed The Kitty

Feed The Kitty


FTK is an L.A. based band playing over 200 shows a year and is willing to travel anywhere. These accomplished musicians play rock, funk and blues music. Audiences everywhere appreciate the variety of musical abilities and original sound.


Feed The Kitty members Jed Mottley (bass) and Jon Shumway (drums) made their way from Tuscon, AZ to Southern California in mid-2004, and joined up with singer/songwriter Jack Maher and guitarist Mike Calvaneso. FTK has enjoyed much success playing shows from San Diego to San Francisco and rocking LA venues including The Roxy, The Key Club, The Whisky, and a regular draw at the Viper Room.

"I don't like to discriminate when it comes to writing music," says Maher.

"I love pushing the limits of my songs, but still make them poppy enough that you can sing along after one chorus, or swear you've already heard them on the radio."

This might be due to the fact that Maher has played with the likes of John Mayer, Asleep at the Wheel, and Jonathan Davis of Korn (an eclectic mix to say the least).

FTK developed a reputation for killer live shows and extended loose musical jams. It was this reputation that caught the ear of heavyweight producer Baraka, whose recording credits include bands such as Live, Weezer and Sting.

Guest performances on the band's self-titled debut record features the work of virtuoso cellist, Tina Guo, on 'Ghost', and the funky fiddle master himself Casey Driessen jams out on 'Free' and 'Ducks'.


"All Around Me" has been featured in the latest Ryan Gosling picture, entitled "Lars and the Real Girl".

March, 2008: The new National Lampoon's movie,"Cattle Call", features the catchy upbeat "Guilty Situation" by Feed The Kitty.

Soundtrack available in stores now, and also on iTunes


She Wore Black

Written By: Jed Mottley

What is this
What is life
What is love
Got to do with this

This old rhyme
My old ways
My old man
Won't be around to hear

This old song
This same old tune
A different key
Than your used to

I didn't know
That she wore black
On her wedding day
She won't look back
Not blind to see
Still here with me
Your my old friend will you
Help me set my soul free

When I drink
It helps me to see
The days of old
When I'd walk you home

Daddy can you
Help us along
Even if you're not there
You know that we will stay strong

And we will not
Ever forget
What you've done
And all the things that you have said


I didn't know
That she wore black on her wedding day
Lookin back
He never went away
My old friend
Will you help me set my soul free


Feed The Kitty - self titled debut album

Film Credits:
Guilty Situation - Natioanl Lampoon's "Cattle Call"
All Around Me - "Lars and the Real Girl

Music available on iTunes

Set List

FTK has three hours of original music. Typically 4 x 45 min sets with 15 minute breaks. Flexible on playing times and duration.