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Montréal, Quebec, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Montréal, Quebec, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Rock Experimental


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Various Artists – Singles and EPs"

There are some subtle dynamic modulations on this release, some sophisticated changes of feel, some precisely articulated unison passages and some challenging rhythmic complexities… but it’s all delivered in a tone of voice that combines the grit of punk with a Dadaist pleasure in absurdity. The listening experience ranges from a pronounced sense of discoherence, to a compelling sense of forward motion, frequently swinging wildly and rapidly between the two, as it does in ‘Crapitalism’. The discoherence is carefully crafted however, with very precisely written rhythmic diminutions and augmentations creating the illusion of randomness within a strict metronomic pulse; the performances are similarly indicative of some highly developed musicianship, combining ensemble precision with a relaxed feel in a way that is only possible when the material is well within the players’ technical compass. All of this cleverness is worn lightly, and Feefawfum is an entertaining listen, funny, but also satisfyingly virtuosic, and creative in a way that calls conventional musical aesthetics into question. This is a highly accomplished recording, and one that I’m happy to predict will stick with me for a long time. Top whack malarkey. - Oliver Arditi

"Top-presque-25 2013 du Bang Bang : D’accord? Pas d’accord!"

Feefawfum est un trio cosmopolite incluant un français et deux américains, tous établis à Montréal depuis peu. Ils se sont réunis sous la bannière feefawfum pour faire un math-rock débridé avec des chansons aux paroles et aux structures frôlant avec l’absurde. Le genre d’album aussi étourdissant et bizarre que les meilleurs moments de Mr. Bungle et Deerhoof. - Alex Pelchat

"Matt Lee’s Top Ten — January 13"

Wow, where the hell did these guys come from all of a sudden? I know nothing about them except that I love what I hear. Some sort of jazzy spazzmath psych mess with a vocalist who reminds me strongly of Arrington de Dionyso from Old Time Relijun. Pointillistic, deceptively complex, framework smashing hallucinations, I can’t wait to hear more from feefawfum! - The Big Takeover


EP - Feefawfum (2013)



Feefawfum is a prog-punk band from Montreal, QC. Oscillating between the weirdest of the pop and the poppest of the weird, this misfit quartet confronts the chasm separating the body from the mind with a heady blend of quirky hooks, gnarly chords, baroque forms, black humor, and a lusty roar. Formed by Farley Miller (guitar/voice) and Stéphane Diamantakiou (bass) in 2012, the group self-released their debut EP in May of the following year, which has been described variously as "pointillistic, deceptively complex, framework smashing hallucinations" (The Big Takeover), "unbridled math-rock... grazing with the absurd... as stunning and bizarre as the best moments of Mr. Bungle and Deerhoof" (BangBang), and simply "tasty" (Weirdest Band in the World).

With the recent additions of Zachary Scholes (keyboards) and Sebastian Balk-Forcione (drums), the group continues to refine and develop their unique sound. After embarking on tours of Québec and Ontario earlier this year, Feefawfum has recently opened a cooperative studio space with Montréal bands Aarmadillo and the Artsy Chicks, where they are currently writing and recording new material for their next release.

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