We are Feel Gud, a band that is fresh, musically captivating and a pleasure to listen to. We play music that people can enjoy at anytime of the day. Feel gud is the type of music one can VBIE to or put on to feel good.


The members of Feel Gud all come from different musical back grounds so each member brings different styles to the table which such influences as:
Bob Marley, Toots and the Maytals, Matis Yaho, Sam Roberts, Jamiroquai, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Jimmy Swift Band, Dispatch, Neil Young, Jimmi Hendrix, The Doors, Led Lepplin, Stevey Ray Vaugn, Van Morrison, The Rat Pack, Eminem, Fat Boy Slim, Santana, Michel Gotier, Herby Handcock, The White Stripes.

What sets Feel Gud away from other bands is that we are all talented muscians in our own right. Stuart Larochelle; has studied classical violin for 13 years and accoustic guitar for 6 years.
Dan Highfield; Has a B.A in music from Bishops University and has been in serval bands.
Ryan Durack; Is a human Jukebox and can play any song that is put in front of him, and he is also a savant drummer with impeccable style and flow.
Simon Pertraki; Has almost a decade of musicianship under his belt and a degree in Sound Management from The Recording Arts of Canada College,( R.A.C)

Feel Gud has come togeather to create music that can be enjoyed on many many different levels. We have been togeather for 6-7 months and have played over 21 live shows from Pubs and Bars, Lounges and private parties. For Feel Gud the sky is the limit!!!


We have released 4 singles to CJMQ 88.9 fm in the Eastern Townships that are presently being streamed, the songs are;
One Night Lover
Microwaves Finest
Long Black Hair

We have also performed live in the radio booth for two hours with an "on and off" interview between songs.

Set List

When we play live shows we like to mix our set list up where our songs fall original, cover, original, original, cover. We like to mix it up to keep our set list long and the audience fully captivated. Here is our set list for our original songs in no specific order.

Problems, Debt, Sally, Sacrifices, Footbridge, One night Lover, Microwaves Finest, If I told You, Shreddin, My Baby Left Me, Long Black Hair.

These are the cover we play and put our own twist on; King without A Crown, Karma Poliece, Get Up Stand Up, Cover This, these old pair of jeans, Fever, Summertime, Love is What I Got, Evil Ways

These are the covers that we play as u hear them on the radio; Fortunate Son, Sweet Home Alabama, White Wedding.

We are always changging our cover list to keep our sets fresh!

How we organize our set list depends on the venue we play at. If we are playing at a cafe or dinner spot. We will start off light and easy and build up to a strong finish. If we are playing at a bar or cl