The Feelin Band

The Feelin Band


“This music draws you in, and keeps you fixated from the first note. It’s like falling in love with music all over again.” - Matthew R. Perrine Budgeteer News. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Soul/Folk/Blues/Jazz/Rock driven by Nicholas Mrozinski’s powerful vocals, liquid piano and purposeful songwriting.


The Feelin Band is a four-piece, heart opening, soul-rock group from the Twin Cities that speaks to the thinkers, seekers, lovers and dreamers of the world. Driven by Nicholas Mrozinski’s powerful vocals, liquid piano and purposeful songwriting, The Feelin Band is well-known for evoking strong emotions from its listeners. Through energetic and inspired live shows, The Feelin Band has been connecting with thousands of fans on a deeply human level.

The Feelin Band will be celebrating the release of “The Sacred Play of Life” on Mrozinski’s own label, Wake the World, Saturday April 12th, 2008 in their hometown. The band has a regional tour scheduled and is currently booking a national tour. Check for the most up to date schedule.

Bringing hope, optimism and light into a sometimes dark and detached world is exactly what The Feelin Band does on "The Sacred Play of Life". Driven by Mrozinski’s commanding vocals and flowing piano, the four-piece soul-rockers sound like a combination of Van Morrison, Tom Waits, John Lennon, John Legend, Blind Melon, and Dr. John. The common theme here is Soul, Traditional R&B, Blues, Folk, Rock and Jazz but the album also includes tracks in Reggae, Spanish flavor and even a cinematic, Disney-like tune, “Villain". The Album plays out like a movie; it is intended to take the listener on a journey. It is a true “Album” you want to take the time to sit down and listen to from beginning to end – a rarity in today’s Top 40 music climate. It is art and creation in its purest form. Combining that purity with such powerful singing and playing truly sets this album and band apart.

The album will be available from the band’s website,, through CD Baby, iTunes and other national distributors. The CD packaging features “green” design, using recycled materials and FSC certified board. The band feels strongly about leaving a light footprint and giving back. The band also hopes to reach out and connect with other like-minded organizations and is openly seeking volunteer opportunities. Feel free to contact us at

Mrozinski and his own label, Wake the World, plan on releasing ten albums over the next five years. Mrozinski has already amassed over one hundred songs making his ambitious plan a very achievable goal. They have many projects already underway with a solo piano album, Nicholas Mrozinski, “Oak Chase Way” set to follow shortly after the release of “The Sacred Play of Life”.


"The Sacred Play of Life" ©2008 Wake the World

Set List

The Feelin Band can play as short or as long as needed. They have tons of original songs and occasionally mix in a cover or two.

Currently the band is supporting the release, "The Sacred Play of Life" and playing songs from the album.