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This is new school Hip-Hop music that combines various concious themes with the mainstream movement. If the paradigm of Hip-Hop is going to shift, subtle or otherwise, this is the beginning.


Born and raised in ChicagoLand, IL and moved to the West Coast at age 18. Began studying Hip-Hop, Rap, and R&B as well as writing lyrics at 13. Influenced growing up by East Coast and Chicago artists. Referred to a combination of Kanye West and Eminem.


Freedom (American Dream)

Written By: Feeling

V1. Im an American and my spirit is speaking its been in me since i said the Pledge of Allegiance so like first grade every birthday my birthright insight and lightning wordplay born and raised in Chicago made in LA i gotta get paid im a product of the USA my desire and my faith like a fire in a freight train place where you can find yourself be great and create change and wealth with the freedom to say whats on your brain take a stand i got this land flowing through my veins it where you can build an empire that wont die in a day from facist dictation a masochist nation we love pain war for peace dont make sense well every war gotta end one side get tired or they run outta men but what we facin bout to lose a generation again to perpetuate the worlds end or its rebirth what they see the people worth maybe we should do the research mr. commander in chief need to see that we hurt we human beings busting at the seams and we need work okay you the leader for now i'll put my trust in you and your reasons cause you say you got the same visions that we see and we need but is it really peace and freedom?
C. America / home of the free homie home of the brave/ its the land of opportunity we live in
V2. Im kinda disappointed that degrees of separation lessened by currency its harder to see perfection but never the less its feasible the reason we stressin is cause on tv we never see people receiving blessings just demons at they best its hard to believe that we trusting in God when the devil teaching the lessons money aint the root of evil its the people who choose equal or lose may we find what we seek wether treason or truth cause the trees need seeds before fruit is bore its what we plant that inherits the damage and slams doors its what we think determines wether we sink or swim forward you probably touched me before see wheres george i got the ink for my liberty a wife for my life rappin is my happiness as well as my right they try to keep us back from magic but it cant be ignored its what they feed us all these habits and this vanity for free will but still cheap and its keepin us poor ima keep speakin on it till we all get the force.