Feel Never Real

Feel Never Real


We are an up and coming group that plays new clean cut hard rock music. We've played an arena with Hinder in Utah. With song“A Taste Of Truth”Being the most requested song on X94 a Top 40 Station for over three weeks. Also, song“Broken”Debuted at #53 on the CMJ. With no formal managment


Feel Never Real has been paying their dues in Dallas / Ft. Worth and beyond for 5 years, performing in various venues, with an assortment of bands large and small, all over the country. Each year seems to bring a sharper, crisper change to the band's sound and style. After finishing their First Full length album in 2008, the band is embracing an even greater 2009 with an even edgier groove, ready to bring to the stage a powerful, well rounded sound, with their own Distinct "Rock" flavor.
As an example of their growing success; Feel Never Real has provided main support in an arena to Hinder in Utah where over 2,000 were in attendance. With song “A Taste Of Truth” Being the most requested song on X94 a (Top 40 Station) in Utah for over three weeks. And is still the Most requested song on KMMY 96.5 an (Active Rock Station) in Texas where the guys also enjoy sell out crowds. Song “Keep It In Mind”, made #13 on X94’s 2007 “Top 100” with just 2 months air time. Feel Never Real has enjoyed chart placing such as; #60 on the FMQB “Metal Chart”, #94 on the CMJ “Loud Rock Select Albums” , and song “Broken” Debuted at #53 on the CMJ “Loud Rock Singles Chart”. The Band’s progression is becoming bigger and faster with an Always growing fan base no matter they go.
Feel Never Real was formed in 2004 by Tim Jones (vocals, guitar), Mathew Cass (bass), and Shea Lange (backup vocals, drums). Their sound is hard driving melodic rock; it is fresh, unpredictable, and littered with elements from many musical genres. The songs are memorable and emotionally rich. Their musical influences, eclectic personalities and incredible passion for the songs they write and play, define the band’s soul, and an all or nothing approach to creating music. Feel Never Real has arrived.


Debuted LP " A Taste Of Truth" 2008
"Broken"- Debuted @ #53 cmj and is played on Various College Stations and Satellite TV
"A Taste Of Truth" Spent almost a Month @ #1 on Channel X94 (Vernal,UT) and My Rock 96.5 Kmmy
(Paris ,TX)

Set List

Outta My Face
Feel Never Real
Blessed Are The Meek
Another Change
Keep It In Mind
Rooster(Alice In Chains)
Sharkie and Toadie
A Taste Of Truth