Feel Spectres

Feel Spectres

 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

Feel Spectres are a rock band from Oklahoma City comprised of four friends whose eclectic musical tastes co-mingle to create a seriously fun blend of rock and roll.


If Lou Reed, Edgar Allan Poe and the B-52s started a rock band, they would have called themselves Feel Spectres.

The real band is from Oklahoma City and is Allen Cory (drums/vocals/MA of Philosophy), Matt Goad (guitar/keys/vocals/Art Director & Graphic Designer), April Mays (bass/vocals/BMX Freestyle wrangler) and Mike Mays (guitar/vocals/Architect).

Longtime friends, the quartet formed in 2009 and released its first full-length, self-titled album in 2010 on local label Nice People. The album has been embraced by major Oklahoma media and radio, but has met resistance from Tea Party splinter cell Mothers Against Feel Spectres.

Influenced, either positively or negatively, by every song ever written, the Bible belt, beer, and the moon, their music is as diverse as their inspirations. The members of the Feel Spectres have experience spanning decades as core members of previous bands American Boyfriends, Jack the Mothership, Loretta, Radial Spangle, Reverb Brothers and the Starlight Mints.

Cincinnati music critic Chris Parker declared: “Feel Spectres move with slick, sinuous swerve, from the dreamy, The Church-like psych-pop of “Secret Man,” with its resplendent backing vocals, to the psychobilly rave-up “Vampire Bop,” and the spunky, spiky, post-punk groove of “13 Dead Cats.”

Sometimes the music will make you dance, sometimes the music will make you think and sometimes the music will make you wonder what the hell is going on in their demented minds.

As area man Rod Lott commands, “Submit to the wail of sound from Feel Spectres. You will obey. You will rock. You will be felt up.”